CFL introduces Grey Cup on Demand Portal powered by Mark's

TORONTO — From Tony Gabriel’s ‘The Catch’ to Dave Ridgway’s game-winning kick, to DeVier Posey’s 100-yard touchdown reception, the Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that fans will be able to relive these moments anytime come 2021.

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This sounds like an awesome resource. It'll be cool to see some of the earlier Cups in the archive.

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I’ve been waiting for something like this since the days of Jackie Parker.


Welcome to the forums, @EskimoDog! That's a bit of a wait; I'm looking forward to working on this portal in the new year!

Great service. Looking forward to seeing some of the classics, granted more modern ones (89ish onwards).

Is there a plan down to road to add other playoff games and more memorable regular season matches?

This sounds cool. Question is will it be in b&w or colour, film or digital, analog or digital or real audio? Questions, questions, questions. Just trying to give y’all a hard time. (:slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the forums, @Adm1nistrator!

I've access to the raw footage we'll be using on this new video site. It appears that from 1946 until 1970, the games we have are black-and-white. From 1971 and onwards, we've got colour videos.

As you can imagine, we've converted everything from analog to digital for online streaming purposes. We will be progressively replacing / cleaning up a lot of footage before it debuts, but with video as old as this there's a limit to how good we can make it look. Part of the charm!

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Please DO NOT post the outcome of all these games when available, would be much better to watch some of these old games without knowing the outcome. Yes I know it's already posted in the article but it's small and I did not look at it!


Great news for us non-Canadian fans (I'm in Australia) who have been watching dubbed VHS and or DVD Grey cups for ages.


Fair enough; I think we can accommodate that.


Hopefully, it is the full games and not just a condensed version.

Very Cool Idea! I look forward to viewing past cups including the one's I attended :slight_smile:

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It'll be the full games except for a few in the 40s and maybe early 50s that we've simply been unable to get our hands on the full game footage.

Welcome to the forums, @teslinviking! Which games did you go to?

Great idea, especially with the void we have in sports during the pandemic. Maybe get some younger fans interested in the history of the game :trophy:

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Sully, I'm intrigued by the screenshot from the 1971 Grey Cup. Will there be a complete version of this game? From what I've read previously, a good chunk of the 4th quarter and post-game were thought to have been missing from the archives.

Yikes - I haven't looked myself but I hope that's not the case. The length of the video I have looks right. I am assuming someone will comb through each and every game for completeness, and that we'll retrieve footage from the CBC or TSN as needed.

Ok thanks Sully. It would be significant if a complete version turned up. I've never seen it rebroadcast on ESPN Classic or on CBC's Grey Cup Classics (1997-2007). Fingers crossed!

Great to hear about this! Hoping the games will be accessible to CFL fans outside of Canada. And I agree with StittsvilleWanderer's request to suppress the scores.

Kudos to the CFL for setting this up!

-mps (CFL/Blue Bomber fan, San Antonio, TX)

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This is such a great development I think for the image of the CFL. With so much digital content available, and the league in need of a shot in the arm in terms of its visibility on the sports scene, this is a necessary move. Well done marketing team. Now you just need to bring back your Diversity is Strength campaign in a big way.


It will be completely stunning if the full game broadcast appears. The version on the collector's market is incomplete -- the last 10 minutes or so are an edited version of the official CFL film, including jazzy music, ultra-grainy film footage and John Badham narration. I would love to finally see the real broadcast but if the CFL has found it, it will be a miracle.