CFL Internship

Last year QB Brad Sinopoli, then of the Ottawa Gees-Gees and now of the Calgary Stampeders, took part in the TiCats training camp as part of a CFL-sanctioned internship. This year, the TiCats will have QB Kyle Quinlan of the McMaster Marauders at their training camp.

It seems like a pretty good idea for a development program. It gives CIS players a chance to practice with some higher calibre players, which I assume would have a positive effect on the player's ability (certainly not a negative effect), but it also gives the player a preview of what the pro-game is like, so they know what would be expected of them and maybe what they need to work on when they return to school if they have hopes of playing in the CFL in the future.

Are any other teams inviting CIS players to take part in internship programs like this?

I have heard of it a couple of times. The Riders actually had Dan Clark on the practice roster last year while he was playing for the Regina Thunder. It was a few extra bucks in his pocket, and some time to gel with the team. As he was under 19 his pay did not count against was a win win all around.

Don't hear of that kind of stuff too often though. Thanks for the info...more teams should do this.