CFL International games

Folks, I truly believe that we have an excellent opportunity to play games abroad in such countries as Russia, Sweden, Finland, China and Greece.
The first three countries are a no brainer with Canada’s long rivalry in hockey.China with our long histories with Normie Kwong as ambassador for the CFL. Greece…Argonauts.

Why not also Germany if not also in the UK, with in the former already with apparently established as the biggest market for gridiron football outside of North America? Most of the former NFL Europa league teams were in Germany mind you until it was folded up by the NFL. And how about Japan where the NFL has ventured successfully too? Australia as well?

And Russia -- no way given the high amount of corruption it takes to get any such thing done there.

Greece given the current fiscal duress? C'mon! :thdn:

All the others appear prudent attempts though riskier than Germany, Japan, UK, and Australia. China appears the best of them given the volume of people and success rate once one gets the required heavy-handed government support.

I'm baffled that in modern times aside from historical CFL exhibitions that the NFL beat the CFL to the UK and Australia already given the inherent Commonwealth affiliation of the countries too. :roll:

The NFL will continue to have a regular-season game in London England for quite some time for example.

I think Mexico would be most interesting.

Are you aware of the dire political situation in Mexico now, given the increased influence and violence by the drug cartels that run most of the country, even though the government in Mexico City does everything it can to quiet the locals much as they do in Washington DC? Note most of the uproar about immigration in Arizona at the core has to do with the drug trade and battles between the cartels, the Mexican MILITARY, and US law enforcement. Note that the cartels have overwhelmed Mexican law enforcement already.

Even the NFL has backed off Mexican ambitions for some time despite of course growth in marketing to all Spanish-speaking fans otherwise.

There is an excellent series on AMC television in the US called "Breaking Bad" that though only fiction, is accurate as far as Southwestern US drug culture well beyond mere marijuana. I am not sure if you get that channel or programming in Canada, but episodes will be available online at some point including past seasons at

I'd recommend that program to anyone who has not lived in the Southwest, as did I in Las Vegas for 3 years, to understand better what average Americans and legal residents go through weekly with regard to such matters.

If you liked "The Sopranos" and such realistic drama like many like me, you'll probably like that show too and learn something from it.

Well, and Greece is bankrupt. And if you think Mexico's corrupt, spend a little time in Russia.

Plus, there aren't a hundred people in any of those countries that even know what Canadian football is.

Kids, now do you see what drugs can do?

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(Be careful out there kids and get off my [future] lawn too.)

During the last American Bowl played in Japan, they ran a story saying most of the people in the stands had no clue about any of the players or teams involved in the game, or in the NFL in general. They only knew the event was “American Football”. I think the league could play a game there and draw similar fan numbers which could great for increased exposure. But before they go international, they should play a few in the U.S. to begin with.