I am a fan of the instant replay rule, however the CFL must update there technology with camera angles, in conjunction with CBC or TSN;...that was a horrible call there was no evidence to over rule the Printers call...that ball hit the ground...clearly not enough camera angles to support the officials descision to overturn the call, and rule it a interception. I dont know if the officials angles are different, but seemingly not so..thats what i cant stand about the CFL...and get rid of the freakin NO YARDS RULE...this is not play ground football for pete sake...


Pathetic bush league joke. The CFL cannot do instant replay. The replay gives no better angle than t.v. which is almost always worse than the official that made the call. How the hell can you overturn it under those cirucmstances.

Chip Cox was wearing the mic and he and Estelle were talking to the ref that made the call right after it, pleading their case. THe ref found it comical that they thought it could’ve been a catch. He was laughing at them as if they should know that they’re trying to pull a fast one. And Estelle didnot contest it directly to him because he knew the ref knew he was BS’ing.

Not to mention they TOTALLY missed Estelle THROW BAUMAN TO THE GROUND!!! Joke! Bush league production! Get rid of it.

Another robbery, another loss.

Note to CFL: Quit trying to be like the NFL in areas where you just can’t compete. They do replay review right. You guys don’t have the technology to do it. The camera angle was pathetic. The ball was barely even on the screen when the “catch” was made. Tell me how that is conclusive evidence.

That changed the momentum of this game, and of course, the Cats are getting pasted now.


Please allow me to go on record as saying I've been against the replay all along. For as often as it has helped us, it's screwed us over twice as much. They miss the interference and award him a pick. That kind of thing makes me not even want to watch anymore.

I’m not a ticat fan, but I can’t disagree with anything that has been said on this thread. Bush league for sure!

The beauty of the Canadian game is that the referees are in control and you can count on them throwing a flag on about 40% of the plays.

I have never been in favour of the instant replay. It delays the game, and even after review the refs often get it wrong. Get rid of it, it's a waste of time and only shows up the bush league reffing for what it is.

Canadian football is a great game, we don't need to emulate the NFL, lets dump th einstamt replay for next year.

I thought that instant replay would help correct their mistakes, but wow, they even get half the replays wrong. They should scrap the instant replay, its just too frustrating watching them screw them up with the accouncers joking that you never can tell

Instant replay is a great tool. However you need the people using that to actually know what they are doing. Instant replay is not the problem, the officals are the problem.

I never usually complain about officiating because it usually goes both ways. However, this case is just horrendous.