CFL Instant Replay is a JOKE!

The CFL instant Replay is a complete joke. Are there no rules to this thing? How does a team get away with calling a timeout then challenging a play? How does a team have a player get "injured" then call for a replay after he gets off the field? I thought in the last 3 min. of each half replays have to come from upstairs? And coaches challenging calls that they know aren't challengable just to talk to the refs.

Oh yah, and a couple weeks ago when the Bombers played Montreal, and Mattews took back his challenge after throwing the flag. Then after the TV time out he decided that he did want to challenge the play (after having more time to review it upstairs).

75% of the replays are still called incorrectly by the officials anyways. Even with slow motion and a pause button they can't make the right calls.

You can't say that this is the first year for replay so it will have some kinks. If you are going to impliment something into the game make rules for and stick to them. The NFL didn't have these problems the first year of its replay system.

In my opinion, the CFL instant replay system makes the CFL look BUSH LEAGUE!

quit ur whining, it is correcting alot of mistakes this year, without it the Bombers would have lost at least an extra 2 games, so quit whining already

the nfl lets you take back your challenge too if you want too, thats just part of the rule...

I'm not saying that I don't like the idea of replay. I just don't like how there is basically no rules for the system that is in place.

I know that the NFL allows you to take back your challenge, but if you take back your challenge I don't think you should be allowed to challange that same play after you have already declined your challenge.

How quickly they forget. The NFL replay was so bad the FIRST time it came out, they went back to no replay for a few years. It takes a while for the replay to run smooth.

Couldn't agree more...It's the first year. It will get better.


As long as the next play has not started what is the difference?
As for calling a time-out, what's the problem. They have 1 time out per half and can use them for what ever they want!

well put, it's the first year, with the season over the can go and revise the way it works. take the bugs out, if you wanna call something pathetic and are insistant on camparing CFL to NFL, NFL gets 2 challenges with 3 TO's per half, NFL is a cheap ass league either way you looka at it. whining about the way the CFL is going is pointless, and from what I see Turn-Z is the only complainer out there so far