Pay more money but don't think this will be possible. No doubt we will lose talent without question if this league actually gets off the ground and does well enough. Should be interesting and may be enough of a spark for the CFL to look at better ways of operating.

the CFL needs to fix its webcasting for next season....
give packages like :

-whole season + playoffs & greycup =? -all riders games ( or whatever team )=?
-week# 3 ( or whatever week ) = ? individual games = ?

IMO, this would draw more people into the webcasting, who may or may not get TSN or CBC.

this plus Kieth Pelley is said to already be workin on a new TV deal, using his inside knowledge of how the other side works....hopefuly he can work in options where, if the league adds more teams, the tv deal is worth more....this way, if QC gets a team, montreals owner wont have to split the RDS money. THUS, encouraging expansion instead of fearing it ( as montreals owner is said to ).

yeah, need to do packagers, not just $10 a game.

I would pay $100 for the whole season, or just Bomber games.

I don’t see the CFL dying because of the AAFL, I see the AAFL losing out to the CFL because most of these leagues do, and it’s a minor league, and has said so. CFL will take a talent hit from the American imports for a few seasons, but little else.

Eventually, though, I think, and I may get slammed for saying this, slammed big time, I'd like to see the CFL align itself strategically with the NFL in terms of co-marketing schemes, promotions, TV deals in some way etc. This would be good and help to generate more revenues. For example, if people subscribe to NFL games on private cable channels, they get CFL games for a good price, these types of things. We want the NFL as a very good friend in times of severe competition for talent.

I agree, or the CFL doing these by themselves.

As I understand it, this league will be a spring league, and a way to keep players in their college towns. Its not a national league by any means (teams in the ACC, SEC, Big 10 cities). Just tier two cities with huge facilities that go largely unused when football is on hiatus. If they add the PAC 10, we may have a different senario. I don't know the schedule but I think that it can help the CFL if two things happen:

  1. Contracts are valid only during the season - so the CFL and others can bring in players once the AAF league wraps play. As I understyand it, the CFL and the AFL have such a deal whereby players can move between the two leagues because the schedules do not conflict.
  2. League play doesn't extend too far into the CFL regular schedule (so the CFL can bring in these players).
    The way I see it, this league is not a direct threat to the CFL as it has been presented thus far. Just a chance to keep players who've played out their NCAA eligibility and want to stay in Columbus, OH, Athens, GA, and Tallahassee, FL (just to name a few of the possible cities). In fact the extra football may do much to improve the development of many players who would otherwise play far less football before coming north.

How about this as co-marketing CFL/NFL idea:

  • The CFL plays a regular season game at an NFL stadium once per year, CFL rules except of course the field is American size. All season ticket holders for that NFL city team get it as part of their season ticket package.

Look, if the NFL can play a regualar season game outside the States, why can't we also do it? And the NFL could play a game at one of our stadiums also.

Exhibition yes, regular? don't know

would like to see the Grey Cup in Baltimore though.

Regular season like the NFL did in Mexico City, no fooling around.

yeah, I know, I saw them showing highlights of that game when I watched the NFLEL World Bowl.

I don't know if I want the CFL doing that though.

CFL rules weren't designed to be played on such a small field. I don't think it would make for a very good game.


What do Ford and Chevy have in common?? They're both cars, yet they don't "co-market" each other. The CFL is a different game, it's the Canadian game, it's the older league, and it's doing fine growing at it's own pace. (And yes it's growing)

You really need to just get this idea out or your head unless of course you just want to see the nfl try and swallow up the CFL and force 4 down football on the whole world, while the greatest form of football just dies?

The only thing that I liked about the XFL and this would be for the players benefit, they had the Chapioship game called the $1M game. With the winning team splitting this pot. Currently based on the 46 man roster, each player would receive $21,739. and while we are at it eht loosing team should split half a million or $10,869.
It’s about time the players get a larger share for winning.

This is the second thread on this old news! See the XFL etc! thye did not lastlong and I give this league about the same chances! :lol:

Players do get the odd award if they win the Grey Cup, a new car, Limber for their business, a new house, etc.

Where did you dream up this?

CFL Traditions Winnipeg Blue Bombers DVD, Cameron (the kicker/punter who won the 88 Grey Cup for Winnipeg) says so when interviewed.

Is this the same CFL traditions that says they used to kick field goals using someones head as a tee?

When did I say that? they used to kick with a player hanging on to the ball laying on the ground, yes, with the ball on his head? **** NO!!! the Goals were also wider. I was like one little screenshot that showed this.

Although, that did make for some interesting posts on the forum, but I still have a mark on the back of my head where RW2k kicked my head in.

Honestly, Ro, have you ever seen CFL traditions?