CFL in trouble?

Last evening my husband told me that a CBC sports person was talking about the viability of the CFL. That it was in serious financial trouble mainly because of poor ticket sales for the Grey Cup & dwindling attendance by a number of CFL teams especially Toronto.

So... you don't have a real source?

I believe I saw the same CBC report.

The CFL is almost always on shaky ground and it's only been the last (less than a?) dozen years it's had any resemblance of stability. Unlike the NFL and it's billion dollar TV contracts, the CFL relies mostly on gate receipts and the relatively small TV contract.

IIRC, the main problem that was reported is the present $200 million lawsuit against the League by former players re concussions. If the League lost that in the full amount, the suggestion was it would probably go under.

I agree with longtimetcfan's mention of the legal battles over concussions being the main concern regarding the future of the league. I don't see anything else, at this time, putting the CFL on ground that is any more "shaky" than that under the feet of the CBC.

Agreed the cbc is propped up by taxpayers so it can get away with an inferior product

Thanks for the replies. I knew somebody would have the answer. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, that’s why I posted on the Ti-cat forum. :roll:

You didn't ask a question.. your post was a statement. What you said was the league was in serious financial trouble because of poor Argos sales and low GC sales (although they've picked up).

What people said in this thread was that the league would be in financial trouble if they lost a 200 million dollar lawsuit. Of course they would. But that doesn't mean the CFL is in financial trouble. The league likely hasnt had as solid of an ownership group as it does now.. The Lions will be sold soon surely but all the other ownership in the league is very stable. New stadiums for almost every team. Strong TV deal with TSN. Ratings up in key demographics while other leagues are in decline.

So, I think it's actually the opposite. The league is in really good shape.

but if they can't improve the quality of officiating, people will not watch the games. Fans are tired of hearing the week after a game that the refs and eye in the sky made a mistake that directly affected the outcome of the game. Their attitude seems to be "oh well, let's carry on" I won't be watching. Teams lost playoff spots and advancement in the playoffs as a direct result of screw ups by the league.

Deltaqueen did not state that the CFL is in serious financial trouble. She stated that her husband told her that a CBC Sports person had said this.

I believe her when she says her husband told her this. I am even prepared to believe that her husband actually did hear this from someone at CBC. Whether the CBC person is correct is another issue.

The CFL has never been known for its financial strength. Different teams have been on the verge of collapse at various times, including Hamilton. Ottawa and Montreal have both folded, Ottawa twice. In recent years Toronto has been the weakest link. Interest in the Grey Cup there this year is low. That is a disappointment.

Of course there are issues, and the CFL certainly must work on them. Many are urgent, and the CFL does not have the financial clout to make many major mistakes. However, I am not convinced it means the league is on the brink of shutting down.