CFL in the USA

Does anybody think that the CFL may try to expand into the US again or are we going to be demonstrating that football will work in some unused markets that the NFLhasnt milked yet. Then have the NFL move in.

ratio rule is different, so american teams dont need to have canadian its unfair.

Nice thread idea [/sarcasm]

The last time around when we had teams in the USA we ended up opening up new markets to have the NFL move in.

Maybe we should concentrate on having Quebec City and Halifax join the CFL instead. CFL football is a lot more interesting game anyway. .

Or maybe we can sell all of the CFL franchises to the USA. We have sold them everything else at cut rate or subsidized prices.

Regardless of what I said above, I love CFL football. Despite all of the problems (team in, teams out) it is still alive and well. It is our game.

of course because we americans want cfl football soooo bad. lol

then why are u here?

Ditto for me? Answer please.

im just looking for a good catch, havent had one in a while.

Go to the No Fun League thread. You are bound to be well liked?

how is that a question?

cuz the people on a NFL forum might not even like u…lol

Or, maybe you do not like yourself. Self esteem problem.

well considering i an not even that big of an nfl fan.....

i wouldnt beable to live with myself if i was from OK.

A lost soul, who slags our league.

Thats a pretty rude statement DG

How would you like it if people said that about Ontario. I would guess that you know little about OK, other then that they are close to Texas

well thats ok, not everyone can stand the intense pressure of living up to oklahoma standards. :lol:

i dont wouldnt be the first time a redneck slagged of canada.

Maybe this explains why my mail ends up in Ontario, Ca
ie. Ontario, California.