CFL in the States

Can you watch CFL games in the United States?

I was in New York state, and i couldn't get a game, one of the networks they signed a deal with went under, and if your Internet Service Provier supports you should be able to watch it for free. My gf's didn't tho.

It is possible with a broadband connection.

...sol on that trip to Minot, ND I guess F4L....

Not in Chicago, Comcast sportsnet decided not to cover CFL this year!

I wish they would, because it would make cfl more known in the states.

I was reading a Hunter Thompson book . . . I cannot remember which one . . . The Gonzo Papers , maybe . . . Somebody was describing what it was like to hang out with HST on one particular afternoon . . . the description included detailed imagery . . . beer cans and cocaine but in the background a CFL game was on . . . It was the 80s and they were in Aspen CO.