CFL in the news - UK edition

I’ve actually been considering doing a quasi-regular compilation of CFL news stories from around the world, but given the lack of a reliable news aggregator it is a rather daunting task. Maybe someday if I can make my own CFL specific app that filters out news about light bulbs. Anyway, here’s an interesting one from the U.K.:

Check out their pod cast too.

Amazing, more respectful of our league than some “Canadians” and some in this site!

It’s true, sadly. I just think lots of people just have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world, and that’s not entirely their fault. The media is generally pretty bad at helping people see themselves as others see them.


Totally agree with you.

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That’s really profound. Never thought of it like that. Well said!

Being from the uk and living in the UK, I’m pleased to see anything being reported in the UK about the Cfl.

I will be honest apart from the Guardian newspaper who have done live updates online in the Grey cup and one article on the BBC website I have not seen much reported.

I know a lot of nfl fans and in terms of north American sports it’s clearly king here. Sadly I don’t know another person who follows the Cfl but maybe there are more of us than I thought, I have tried to introduce people but kick off times are not great over here.

Growth in UK would probably best initiated (sadly) by a campaign around watching football before the nfl season starts. I think there would be permanent converts from that.

I personally follow the Cfl way more than the nfl. The 3 down game is unique and your game, I’m here to tag along for a great ride. I wish all the 9 teams stability and hopefully number 10 will arrive soon.

Enjoy the season all.

Great to hear. I’ve enjoyed many a broadcast via BT Sport whenever our ESPN feeds here is the US fail us. Your commercials are better too.

Yes for sure well said and it works because most people are sheeple anyway


By the way, anybody seen my hay around here anywhere?


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