CFL in the Movies

the tittle of that movie is
sums of all fear

The sum of all fears it was
pretty bad movie as far as I’m concerned

It’s approx. 1/4 of the way in or maybe half way, i haven’t seen it in a while.

Any documentaries about the CFL, the game, the players, and the history of the league? It’d be great if one does exist or one is eventually made.

check my reply on page 1 of this thread. does anyone read any of the other replies?

They game is in the last third of the movie, just before “Baltimore” gets “nuked”. And that was the Big O? Wow, didn’t look like it at all.

There is also a Simpson’s episode where they show Homer watching CFL football and Harry Shearer’s voice as the announcer, accompanying a shot of the scoreboard after a field goal. He says " And That makes the score, “Roughriders 22 and Rough Riders 22”

That announer is stupid, he should have said “Greenriders 22 and Red Riders 22”. What an idoit! :wink:

–Really?? I love Playmakers, I didnt realize that. I didnt start watching it until Showcase started airing them sometime last month(or maybe late May, it’s on right after the second episode of Trailor Park Boys). The show is already is syndication, as I guess it stirred up alot of controversy among NFL players, led by Ray Lewis. I can totally see why too. The star running back is a crack fiend, the tight end is gay(of all the positions to be gay for :lol: ), the backup running back beat his wife…

It’s a great show. I suggest any football fan with watch it. Not too much football in the show itself, and I think it’s a little over-exaggerated with “the pains of a football player”(basically EVERY player on the show has major personal or physical problems, even the coach). But it’s still awesome. They’re airing them in order on Showcase. I believe they’ve shown five or six so far. I hear there’s around 14-16 altogether. I’m going to be sad when it’s over, that’s too bad they cancelled it.

On Seinfeld, George tells Jerry to ask Kramer to buy one of his Super Bowl tickets. But Jerry says no, because Kramer only watches Canadian football. And in another episode, Kramer says he can’t watch a movie on his own TV, because he’s taping “Canadian Parliament” on his own. I actually thought he was Canadian, after hearing all that. But he’s not.

I just bought the History of the Stampeders on DVD last week. It’s only like 45 minutes, but there’s an extra feature on the History of the CFL, which is actually longer than the Stampeders feature, which is supposed to be the main one on the DVD(I found that funny). It also went into great detail about all of Calgary’s five Grey Cup titles, with extensive footage of each one. Even the 1948 victory, and clips of the Grey Cup Week partying!

There’s a funny clip in it too, when Henry “Gizmo” Williams talks about the Calgary/Edmonton rivalry. He’s from the southern states, and when he came up here, he said he couldn’t believe how two cities so close to one another could hate each other so much hahahaha. Good ol Battle of Alberta. He actually talks about it for a good five minutes if you find his interview in the Special Features section.

Each team has a DVD out that has the history of the club called CFL Traditions. They came out a couple of yrs ago, I got my Roughrider one on E-bay. You might want to look there.

In an episode of Homicide, a U.S. show which was the predecessor of the long running U.S. show Law and Order, they where at a CFL game the show was based in Baltimore, during the CFL’s U.S. invasion, and the detectives where on the sideline pondering a case and at the same time saying stuff like I don’t get it, they look like the Colts, they play where the Colts played, but we can’t call them the Colts? And they get a point for touchback???

I thought playmakers was a good series. Too bad the NFL didn’t want the series to continue. I believe it was made in the SkyDome, sorry the Rogers Centre. By the way the SkyDome sounds 100 times better. Rogers Centre sounds like someone donated it to Toronto.

I want to name my future son Roger someday, so Roger’s Centre kicks @$$ for me cuz no I can tell him that they named a CFL stadium after him!

maybe this will make you feel better abou it! :wink:

I’m going to buy the Winnipeg one off of the CFL hame of fame website, is that a good idea or should I try ebay and get a deal? :?

Kanga i know what to call your son.

Sky Alaska Kucha

p.s. i signed sheet

Thanks, and I keep that name in mind. :wink:

I think you are reffering to an episode and not the movie. In the first episode of the second season Saddam takes over Canada and gets Celine Dion to sing the “Iranian” anthem at a CFL game between “the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Vancouver Roughriders” as Saddam put it. The game took place at “Canada Stadium” and at the half it was 28 - 7 for the Roughriders, and the half time show was “Saddam and the electric Iraqis” in a salute to hostile takeovers… haha

That is one of my favorite episodes