CFL in the Movies

Has there been any movie made abou the CFL or Canadain Football or has any movie featured the CFL???

I checked out Any Given Sunday cuz I heard that the CFL was featured in there, but there was nothing on the CFL that I could see.

There was another movie with Ben Aflack and Morgan Freeman that was filmed in the Big O. I cant remember the name of the movie but I do know that the Als and Argos were used as the NFL teams. I remember hearing on the radio theat they were looking for extras to sit in the stands.

It’s the CFL in Remember the Titans cuz I can imagine that the CFL was the frist league to have mixed players.

Check out the movie “Rat Race”. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese, John Lovitz. Cuba plays a football official who blows a coin toss. It was filmed at McMahon Stadium. (not the whole movie) They play a clip of Gooding screwing up the coin toss. When you look at the stadium behind him, you can clearly tell it’s McMahon. (If you know the stadium well). I was at the game that they filmed the clip.

I know its not movie related, but I do remember a Simpsons episode where Homer watches some of a CFL Draft (I didn’t know they normally televise that) and the announcers say that the Green Riders are looking for someone to help with their lack of rouges.

EDMONTON EKS at COMMONWEALTH… and some other team…were shown in a old COLUMBO mystery…

SASK…shirts are shown on the T.V. show… CORNER GAS.

There are 2 CFL…DVDS…

In “Any Given Sunday” I believe Henry Burris was used as Jamie Foxx’s double for game situations. I’m pretty sure it was Burris. Maybe someone can comfirm that for me?

True, they did do one episode of Corner Gas in season one detailing the characters’ attempts to get into the 2003 Grey Cup in Regina. But did you notice that the episode was shown to be set on a somewhat warm day? Since when does Saskatchewan have almost balmy weather in mid-to-late November?

A TV Show That Was Only Shown On ESPN Called Playmakers Was Filmed Entirely In Toronto. They Used The Dome And A Crowd From An Argos Game Also A Minor Football Team Called The Metro Toronto Wildcats Was Featured In The Show.

I beliee they actually shot that in mid - late October hoping they would have some cold weather but it did not work out!

In the South Park movie, they had the Rough Riders playing the Roughriders for the Grey Cup. He he he, what a funny movie.

In the sixth day they used bc place in grey cup 1999 for a scene they created as the XFL.

the NFB (national film board) has a film called:

Oskee Wee Wee - is about the hamiltion tiger cats and the 1967 grey cup

this is a realy good documentary from the NFBs golden era.

they also have this film:

-football story (eskimos) 1953

Another ref…on the SIMPSONS…was " those crazy CFL rules " by BART.

To the best of my knowledge … Nope.

However, there are numerous one-liner jokes regarding the CFL in many sitcoms, movies, shows etc … I believe an Edmonton Eskimos and I think the Roughriders were in an old episode of Columbo … But they refered to them as the Moose and the Stallions I think …

Either way … Considering its hard enough to fill the stands for an actual CFL game in a lot of cities … I can’t foresee a CFL movie happening any time soon …


Upon further thought … I now think they refered to Edmonton as the Elks. Anyways … Who knows - it was back in the late 70s / early 80s …


Maybe we can get Paul Grosse to do a CFL movie. He did a great job with Men With Brooms, about curling. That was a good laugh. He should get Molly Parker involved again too :slight_smile:

actually it was made in the mid 1990s. the episode can be seen on columbo reruns on A&E. i saw it when it orginally aired and then again about 2 years ago.

What part of the movie do they show it?

Canadain football was mensioned in “Canadain Bacon” when the news guy talks abou the hight of the CN tower.

“it’s about the size of 6 football feilds or 5 canadain football ones”