CFL in talks w/ TSN to change commercial format

Have heard at private meetings held recently about how marketing firms have been in talks w/ sporting leagues to change the advertisement cycle during games.

Yesterday I heard that the CFL has plans on meeting with others to fix the break in games. NHL had done the same thing I know in July, but they are not planning on making changes for this season. It has been known in the NHL they are comfortable w/ their changes from few years ago with how they do breaks during periods.

I have heard various possible changes including not doing any commercial breaks until mid qtr and then doing short-themed ads during parts of each qtr. Split screen ads are also on its way.

The NFL on FOX will be doing shorter commercials beginning this NFL season and other events such as the World Series. They will also do split/screen ads during games.

For the CFL we should know more around Grey Cup time during major meetings and again early '18.

Change is on its way for the way we watch the CFL, which is a great thing for the fans.

I saw the split screen recently and it was very interesting - I THINK it was either during tennis or curling. Distracting yes, but not enough to get me to turn it off.

I think it works better personally. Its a package that will be new and firms are looking hard at it. I hear it all the time that companies want in on it.

However I do not want it to be turned into a AD-FEST every 15 seconds in place of (2) 30 second commercials.

I'd like to see a mix of old and new. Longer breaks at appropriate times are okay with me as long as there aren't too many of them and I don't miss any action. I don't mind the split screen thing as long as it's SHORT. Though watching a game on a small mobile device could make the action pretty hard to see in split screen.

Obviously networks are trying to negate the PVR and the Remote Control. For that reason, split screen ads are likely inevtiable.

My guess : They will find a way to fit MORE ads into the game and increase revenue. After all, if the audience won't go anywhere and you don't have to worry about annoying the in stadium crowd, what's another commercial or 2?

That's okay with me because it will make live sports, like the CFL, more valuable.

I believe something like TSN is considered a specialty service, and this limited to 12(?) minutes per hour, so it would be interesting to see how that plays into it all.

Soccer has the best format, the ad banners along the bottom and no disruption in the game for ads.
A game that has 90 minute playing time is over in 2 hours, no dragging it out over 3 hours.

The thing is the link above talks about shorter ads of 6 seconds IN ADDITION to the current ads, it's not replacing the regular ads. Just means MORE ads

I hope they can speed the game up, too many time outs for ads too much standing around.
It's worse when you are in attendance at the stadium, I hate it when that old guy runs out on the field and waves the red flag and the ref has to call a time out because TSN is going to run an ad. The players stand around until the ads are over and the old guy runs back out on the field and waves the red flag for play to continue. >:(

[b]slimjim2 wrote:[/b] Soccer has the best format, the ad banners along the bottom and no disruption in the game for ads. A game that has 90 minute playing time is over in 2 hours, no dragging it out over 3 hours.
I don't watch much soccer, didn't realize that's how it's done, but yes, that does seem like an excellent format no question.

TSN purchased the rights to CFL to make a profit - not to concede commercial breaks to the league. They'll fight like the dickens (very polite btw) to stop this potential change!

One way of initiating this change - is for the league to concede TSN's point for the balance of their contract - BUT tell TSN they will be opening up the game rights (perhaps splitting them) with Sportsnet, CTV, CBC, even Global. That might send a terrified TSN into a concession laced stance in order to prevent a big stab to their CFL monopoly.

Keep in mind TSN no longer has much NHL HOCKEY, they're basically doing panels and having their staff of pretty women read scores. Even bringing back 'The Fools Brigade' in Jay & Dan Tool.

P.S. The CFL always seems indebted and droolingly grateful to TSN for airing their games. But the reality is if Randy ever actually watches a complete Rod Black called match (or even Cuthbert/Suitor for that matter) he'd definitely be in a position to delete Rod and initiate changes to the call of the games - losing Glen Suitor's silly pre-game focus, when the tide has turned and his game points are irrelevant (but he still doggedly sticks to them)

You are probably right, there is no way that TSN would reduce commercials. I am sure they are scrambling to find advertisers for CFL games.

TSN holds the rights until 2022, so the CFL can not tell them that they are opening the game rights.
CTV owns TSN and I'm sure they want to keep the CFL since they have reduced the NHL content to the Sens and Jets. Sportsnet is out of the picture they would not bid on CFL games especially since their main competitor Bell/CTV owns the Argos besides they have too much money invested in the Jays and the NHL.

If a commercial format change makes more money for TSN can the CFL be far behind? There must be more demandfor ad space. Also the field ad question in TO or others. Revenue sourcethere?Could make a deal showing television ads on the Jumbo screens during an extended break. 5 or 10 minutes of this not a problem for me if there is more money in it for the league/TSN and teams. Time is stopped anyway.

I like Rod Black even though he has his faults.He always states the University or other with the player profiles. A big play - need to show theplayers face and profileand a writtenvisual of the University/home town. It raises the profile of the players - USports - NCAA sports in Canada and showing some of the players back in their U or home towns only builds the fan base. Its important insurance for the CFL/TSN if they want to stream the games in future and sell a package to do so outside of cable. ESPN or other need the connection to the CFL for their viewers.

Guess will have to keep the cooler close by if they ever move away from the current commercial breaks. :wink:

I did not know that. Interesting. I am sure they will find a way around it.

My laugh for the day. :slight_smile:

soccer has one of the worst formats. the running clock is horrible. no breaks is bad for the game. timeouts is great for both hockey/football/basketball.

you need that for the game. there is nothing wrong with the breaks but the commercials are boring and you dont need to see the same one over and over.

^^ So well said. ^^

Hopefully that will end and the CFL will realize TSN needs the CFL as much as the CFL needs TSN.

As Lyle has said, sadly, the CFL NEVER has the confidence/belief in their own self-worth. Hopefully this will change.

And yes, I agree. If TSN finds a way to make the games more profitable with additional commercial, some of that money needs to find its way into the pockets of the CFL. My guess, unfortunately, you likely won't see that until 2022.

I will be here all day and please do not forget to tip your waitress. Thank you. :wink:

It's true, tho. Ads were great for washroom breaks, running to get food, etc. But, with the Remote Control and PVR'ing, the networks have little choice but to overlap.