CFL in Quebec City suffers setback


Apparently the money behind the bid, Christina Saint-Marche, has gone insane:

Niagara ripe for the NFL?

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this is as likely as an NFL team on the moon.
i wish the media would not bother to print such rubbish ideas.

i want that 1 min of my life back.

X2 :thup:

Actually, it's not as ludicrous as it seems at first blush. :oops:

Niagara Falls is essentially a suburb of Buffalo, the same as Orchard Park is, except it's on the Canadian side. Financing is easier to attain in Canada and a NF team would draw more Canadian fans to Bills games, but would still be accessible for Buffalo fans who currently commute to Orchard Park for games. Since they must build a new stadium anyways, why not NF over OP?

As St. Marche said, the important thing was preserving the CFL in Toronto, which is vital for the success of the league. :thup:

Another huge hurdle is the US requirement for Americans to have passports (instead of just drivers liscenses) to get back to the US.

I just don't see it in Niagara Falls, I mean yes Niagara Falls is a huge tourist destination, so you will get a lot of Non-Canadians going to the game, but realistically I think the people of Buffalo will reject the idea and not bother crossing the boarder. You might get people drawing from Hamilton and St. Catharine's but I would think they would be few are far between, and it's a bit too far to capitalize on the GTA market.

A little outside of the box thinking, perhaps calling the team the Northern Wanderers and having them have a couple games in Buffalo, a couple in Toronto, a couple in Hamilton and make into a Golden Horseshoe franchise. Buffalo perhaps getting the majority of the games during the CFL season? Failing anything, I'm sure LA or LV might make a bid.

any new stadium for the bills would require government funding.

you think the american governments are going to chip in to build a stadium in canada?
you think the canadian government will chip in for this????

not gonna happens.

This Christina seems to surface like leap year, with ideas but no money.
Almost like April fools.