CFL In Ottawa.

will the cfl be back in ottawa next year? what do you think?


Or tell us what you know.

some say 2007, some now say 2008, and some say never.

i hope for next year but i just dont know,

I say that if it's better to wait untill 2008, wait and do it then. but keep the sch the same as it is now, but have it be better with no more back to back match ups untill labor day classics.

The Golden Gate bit will win, and they are talking about 2008. I'm prepared to wait if its the right ownership...

Yeah, as much as I want the Renegades back in '07, it would be best if they take more time to get it right. So we may have to wait longer, but hopefully, in that long run it will be worth it. My biggest concern is that the Renegades will be out of sight, out of mind for one more year ...

I dont want to sound like an asshole, but can Ottawa support a team? I mean this is the 3rd time...

Do it as right as they can even if it means waiting until 2008 to get everything in order.

I still don't get it that they have to drag it out to get it right.
There are some simple questions: Do you have the money for the long term...with proof. Yes or No
Will you put people (approved by the CFL) in place that know how to run a football team. Yes or No
And from the new would be owners a question to the BOG...will you provide a player draft system to make the new team competative from the get go. Yes or No (A winning team in Ottawa is the only way NOW to build a fan base IMO...the novelty of just having a team is over)
If the answer is or perceived to be No to any of those questions then I would say forget about it.
But if the answer is yes to these questions but things are being held up by the short sighted city of Ottawa or the CFLPA then shame on them.
From the reports of the three groups, the Golden Gate with Jeff Hunt as President sounds like the one that should be the favourite. I would be leery of a group of owners such as the Palmer group as infighting always seems to occur down the road.
The other group sound too much like a circus to me, and while that might appeal to a certain group of society it turns off other people as Brad Watters and Lonnie Gleiberman found out the hard way. Though sometimes I wonder if they ever catch on.
So my take on this "getting it right" talk is that there is some foot dragging on some of the fore mentioned questions, because my idea of "getting it right" is (1)have you got the money, (2) will you put football people and business people in place to run the team and (3) will the league guarantee a team that can compete with a chance of winning with any team in the league.
Then you work on building up the fan base and corporate sponsors. But will that ever happen...we can always hope.

I say no for the following reasons:

The other teams are in no hurry to split the revenue nine ways as opposed to the eight way split they have now.

Any bidder would want to wait to find out who the new commisioner is before signing on the bottom line.

As well, there is discussion as to what the role of the commissioner should be once Wright is gone.

Finally, how appetising is it to the other teams to let some of their good players go to Ottawa?

Call me a conspiracy theory guy but the CFL let the Renegades die. It would appear to me that the same people are the ones who are in no hurry to let them back in! Until they return, sign me as "Bitter and Twisted"

Go Gades Go in 08 (Hopefully)
North Side Scs![/img]

Good points swahgade, I didn't even think about the Commisioner angle at all. Makes sense.

I agree with the last message.Ottawa has never supported the REnegades and the present teams would be in for a loosing proposition should Ottawa again get into the CFL.If Ottawa should get a team there should be some restrictions.There would have to be a large bond posted by Ottawa before admission which would guarantee the new owner responsible for any debt before the season starts.There should also be a large franchise fee to be paid by Ottawa up front.This would help the existing teams with costs of assigning their players to Ottawa in a new draft.Ottawa have proved than the fans will not support a cfl team.There would likely be a huge downside to Ottawa receiving a franchise.If this is the case Ottawa must be responsible for paying foe a downaide.

I think with the failing of 2 teams in ottawa that no team should be in ottawa because the fans areobviously not there and don't support the team.

I think 2008. It would be nice if they could find a second city to come in at the same time to keep the league with even numbers.

I would like to see a franchies somewhere ottawa come on really how many times can they do this, i say Quebec city, Halifax, London or somewhere else

I personnally live (in Gatineau) 15 minute drive to FC stadium, and would love to have seasons tickets for 2 CFL teams (Ottawa & Montreal), like I did in 2005.

Ottawa can support a CFL team IF done correctly. The 2 previous Renegades owners (Watters group & Glieb's) forgot that 200 000 people live across the Ottawa river and didn't "milked" them.

With minimal promotions going around the city & across the river, they still had approx. 20 000 butts in the seats...

Football can survive in Ottawa, 2007 might be too early...I can wait until 2008 !

As much as we all agree how this will be the last chance for Ottawa, I still want a team and we desperately need a 9th team the sooner the better, yes for 07. Then, the 10th can come soon thereafter.
As much as I love the CFL, I am not sure and perhaps this is the reason the TV numbers have fallen the first year in the last ten for TSN & CBC, is teams playind each other 4X
in the regular season.

The CFL needs Ottawa How stupid can we get on this.

If they rush it too fast in Ottawa, 2 things could occur!

#1-The Gades sign a dead guy!
#2-Dexter Manley arrives to re-start his career!

We will know if Halifax is getting the 2014 Commonwealth games on Nov 9, 2007. That will determine if Halifax will have a chance of getting a stadium.