CFL in Ottawa - Lansdowne Park Survey

I'm a former Hamiltonian living in Ottawa hoping that someone will bring the CFL back here. Unlike IWS, Lansdowne Park is located in a neighbourhood where they're not really very interested in football, unfortunately, but since Lansdowne is a city-wide asset, I think that people from outside the immediate neighbourhood also have a say in what happens with the park.

One of the questions that the local community association has put up in a survey is whether or not football should be a part of the new plans.

Put your input in here, before the survey gets sent to city council:

Interesting survey.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks. Bring Back the Riders!

The CFL needs Ottawa, bring em back

Well I'm another ex-Hamiltonian living in Ottawa who wants to see CFL football back.
I think the proposal looks great, it would be nice to see something like this in Hamilton:

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