CFL in Milwaukee AKA Milwaukee Beer Barons

I think Milwaukie should have a CFL Team and they should call their CFL Team the Beer Barons.
CFL exspansion did work in the US , but because it did horrible in the south people have ruled out the great success the CFL was in the North.
Thats right, Baltimore was full of CFL fans to rushed to the stadium to see their CFL colts aka the stalions play.
I have toured through Milwaukie Wisconsin a couple times and found yet another die hard football town.
Yes they love their Green Bay Packers , but would go and support a CFL team according to the people that I met there.
They are even familiar with the CFL.
Being a city that brews beer I thought of a good name for the team. THE BEER BARONS.
A beer sponsor may jump all over that.
In addition I also saw a few already built stadiums that may fit well with the new team.

Does anyone with to agree or disagree with me?


And why do you think that?
Is it because you wish to keep the League Canadian?
Wisconsin has college stadiums larger than the Skydome. A small city like Madison Wis has a college stadium that can seat over 81 000 fans.
GreenBay is another small city that houses a NFL team and sells out their 72 000 seat stadium.
Wisconsis is a football loving state and I beleave they can easilly get the 25 000 fans out to a CFL game.
Wisconsin is an area that the CFL should tap into.
Now dont get me wrong, I am not pro US exspansion, but I am pro Wisconsin exspansion

last i checked, wisconsin was in the US, and expanding there would be US u are infavor of US expansion then.

i dont want a team ouside of the current 8 teams, halifax, quebec-city and ottawa.

i definitely dont want american teams.

and i do not want a team called 'the beer barons'.

well I agree with you, the last time the CFL exspanded into the US, they did leave a bad taste in my mouth and it pissed me off even more when they wanted to make the game more american, but that was due to most of the teams (all of them except one) being deep in the south.
Baltimore was a different story. They loved the CFL game and there is still a Baltimore CFl fan club last I remember.
I am looking at Wisconsin being economically feasible and supportive in the Canadian Game because they love football there and they are from the north.
They even pick up CFL games and enjoy the type of football that we offer.
Yes Las Vegas, Shreeport, Menphis, California , ect were horrible places to put CFL teams just as it is wrong to put hockey teams in those places.
But Baltimore being a Northern City loved the CFL.
Wisconsin would be another place that the CFL would work. They eat, and sleep football.
Think about it.
We are Canadians, and we love ice hockey, sponge hockey, video hockey, table hockey, ect
They are football die hards. They love, NFL football, College football, high school football, and yes they actually would love CFL.
Ok so maybe the name Beer Barons is not something that people may not care for, but the name does support their industry.
Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Winnipeg Jets,
Brewers and Beer Barons.

lets talk after ottawa, halifax and QC are in the league.

then MAYBE your Wisconsin Barons can be the 6th west team and have a hate on for winnipeg.

but i prolly will still be against

lol that is another point I wanted to bring up.
The rivalry between the two midwest teams like Winnipeg and Wisconsis would be great.
Why wait and talk about it later when those other Canadian cites may take 10 years just to come back. Sure Otawa has a chance right now but if that deal flops, then we are going to be playing yet another long waiting game.
Halifax and Quebec need stadiums and who is to say that Quebec would even support a CFL team.
Wisconsis already has the stadiums, and the fan support all ready to go.
Plus the sponsorship and tv deals would top it all off.
Yes I would rather see aother CFL team team in Canada befor anything, but Wisconsin would definatly be a great choice.
By the way drummer god, is that a greenbay packer in your avatar? lol

wisconsin and winnipeg playing in november in a snow storm it would be great to see.

the funny thing is that we are actually the kind of fans that would sit in an outdoor stadium and watch it.
In Greenbay Wisconsin they watch games in a sold out outdoor stadium in December,lol
Did I not tell you that they are great fans. lol

[url=] ... beau.shtml[/url]

I think a CFL team in Milwaukee would be a terrific idea. I would ultimately like to see an 8 or 12 team U.S. division playing Canadian football. It is a terrfic game and football fans throughout the world should be able to enjoy it.
The CFL is a quaint little league and has survived for a hundred years, but it needs to grow or risks being swallowed up or trampled over by other, bigger thinking leagues.

The idea of northern tier U.S. franchises is a good one. Other cities to consider might be Grand Rapids, Mich; Rochester, NY; Worchester, Mass; Portland, Ore...among others.

We have to be careful where we exspand too though. So far Wisconsin is the only state that I have picked simply because it not only borders Canada as a northern football state that will actually sell out a stadium in the coldest winter plus they understand the CFL game.
Traveling through Wisconsin I had the chance to study it as a football state and actually talked to people about CFL football and they actually said that they would attend games if they had a francise.
I think your choice of Michican would be another great state for CFL Football.
Oregon I would question because they are a state along the coast and dont share the common lifestyle as the people in Michican and Wisconson.
If CFL worked in Baltimore then it might work in Rochester, NY but keep in mind that Baltimore was craving football at the time the CFL moved it.
Bottom line is that CFL belongs in the north and I would rather see a successful team surive in a northern American Market close to the Canadian border than see another Canadian team fold because of financial reasons.
Great choices invader thanks for your input.

Ok now lets take a look at some possible places and stadiums to play in Wisconsin.
Here are my choices and why they would work or not.

Madison Wis: Camp Randall Stadium

[url=] ... ndall1.jpg[/url]

First of all Madison Wisconsin is out. Even though they sell out a 81 000 plus outdoor stadium for college football in the market in madison is too small plus they would not let us take apart that stadium to make room for a CFL size feild. Milwaukee is not to far away though.

Greenbay Wis: Lambeau Field

[url=] ... mbeau1.jpg[/url]

Once again this would be a no go for the same reasons as Madison. Like above, these die hard football fans will watch football in freezing cold winters and still sell out an outdoor stadium.

Milwaukee Wis: Miller Park

[url=] ... iller1.jpg[/url]

Miller Park would be perfect for CFL Football.
The field is big enough to house a CFL playing feild and at the same time it is top notch stadium with tons of great seats and private boxes.
Yes it is a baseball stadium but they are used to sharing a ball park with a football team.
Greenbay Packers used to play at the same ball park as the Milwaukee Brewers. So this could work.
Keep in mind that playing in Milwaukee, you also have the Chicago market as well.

Whitewater Wis. Perkins Stadium

[url=] ... tadium.jpg[/url]

Whitewater is a suburb between Madison and Milwaukee that can cater to all the surrounding markets.
The stadium would need to be exspanded a bit but as you can see in the picture there is plenty of room for expansion.

Oshkosh, Wis. Titan Stadium

[url=] ... _Large.jpg[/url]

Oshkosh is another suburb on the outside of Milwaukee. Like Perkins stadium, it would also need to be exspanded.

Milwaukee Wis: Uihlein Soccer Park

[url=] ... 2771c.html[/url]

This is a soccer park with great feilds and scoreboard with a bleacher stadium that can seat about 7000 fans. although the feild is great, I feel it would cost to much to build proper seating. But you never know, the Americans have alot of money for sports.

West Allis, Wis. The Milwaukee Mile

[url=] ... eedway.jpg[/url]

This is technically in Milwaukee.
LOL this would never happen but if it did, it would be great to have the football feild in the tracks in feild. I have seen this stadium, it is very big. They have enough room for a CFL feild too.
This place would is my favourite of them all.

Dude, the main reason why there should never be another CFL team in the USA is because of labour laws. Protectionism makes the Canadian ratio of players illegal in the States. So any team in the USA would play under a different ruling system. Teams made with over 95% of imports players (read: Americans) would have too much of an advantage over the Canadian teams.

But keep up your high interest for the CFL.

This has got to be the strangest thread i've ever read.

Thanks Third and Ten, I had that in mind as well.
Although I would rather see more Canadian players make the teams, has that rule really helped the CFL as far as the quality of football on the feild?
If you recall years ago when the CFL was close to being bankrupted, it was US expansion that helped get us out of the red.
Even though US expansion may did not work out for the southern teams, and the whole US expansion was looked at as a failer, it really was not a failer because it really helped the CFL finaincailly at the time.
Yes there is a ratio that we would like to protect, but as I said, it really does not make the game any better on the feild.
Remember the Canadian teams back then did do better than most of the American teams even with their advantage. Baltimore however did great.
You do have a valid point though and I am not against it. As said befor, I would much rather see teams in Otawa, Halifax, and Quebec City than anywhere else.

I've Never Been Greatly Opposed To US Expansion But Until They Fix That Little Labour Law Problem It's Pointless Even Talking About. And While I'm Sure There's Great Stadiums In Wisconsin Unless They're Capable Of Fitting In An Extra 50 Yards Long And 10 Yeards Wide There's No Point In Even Looking At Them. Personally I Think The Best International Spot To Expand To (After Ottawa, Halifax, And Quebec Of Coarse) Would Be Mexico City. They Don't Have Any Labour Laws That Would Conflict With The CFL, Mexico City Has A Large Enough Stadium, And Last Year A Cardinals Game Drew 110 000.

P.S. Ottawa's Spelt With 2 T's, We Wouldn't Want Anyone Thinking That Your Secertly Kanga.

LoL yes Ottawa is spelled with two T's,lol
When you typed as much as I have lately, you mispelle alot. LOL
I am sure they could find a way to come to an agreement like or way to work around it.
Even with the labour law, back then the games on the feild were still great.
Mexico city would be interesting, but would they draw that on a regular basis?
110 000 people is amazing for just one game, but if the Cardinals played their whole season their what would the numbers be?
And how much did they charge per ticket?
The longer travel costs would also come into play.
One time my freind said he would like to see the CFL Expand to europe. That would be a little hard, but when you think about it, Canada is not to far from Iceland , and the UK is just next door to Iceland.
I dont think we are going to see the roughriders play Manchester anytime soon though.

vanhalendlrband what is strange about this thread? This thread was started on a idea that does not have to be realistic, but fun and interesting to hear other peoples oppinions.
Yes I know Milwaukee may never be a CFL city.
The reason for starting this thread was to show that it actually could be a CFL city and it would make a feasible alternative to the struggling Canadian cities who have trouble holding onto a team.
Like I said, they love football.

The Canadian ratio brings passion. It brings identity. It brings pride. And that sure beats getting a few faster 40-dash times.

And by the way, the league's best defensive player is a Canadian!

I agree with you third and ten, my point is that we should compete with them like we did in the past.
If the top defensive player is Canadian then lets take them on.
I dont look at the labour law as a threat, the best players in the US play for the NFL anyway so lets take them on.
The Canadian teams beat them up pretty darn good last I recall.
Even the year Baltimore won the grey cup, they still had to fight hard to get it.