CFL in Las Vegas week details

Westgate and Wynn will be showcasing the CFL this Labour Day Classic.

Similar to the 2016 gathering which attracted at least 500 at Westgate (old hilton) games will shown in the new Theatre, and 1 of the 2 main screens.

Last year there were few Rider and Bomber fans in gear for the Sunday. Few Eskimos gear on Monday. Also tons of locals who enjoy the CFL. Its quite the scene and really gets the locals and tourists into it all the way up to Grey Cup which if you recall shared the large screen up against the NFL. It is very well appreciated amongst Football and betting fans.

I was there last year and it was a great, great, great time.

The Wynn will also be doing something similar and I believe former TSN analyst Gary Lawless will be there hosting.

If anyone on here wish to attend, it would be a great idea to star a group discussion for travel packages. This year there will be tons of people. And tons of locals and tourists mixed in with Canadians will make it a memorable trip. Well worth it.

As Gary Lawless displayed few weeks ago. The CFL was a massive hit once again in Vegas as he and other cdn journalists, and tourists were showing the best pics of where they were watching the CFL in Las Vegas. From hotels, airport bars, casino lounges, sports books.

In the next week or two. I will put up great deals for vacation packages.

They are letting Lawless host something?

Guys brutal....likely the worst "analyst" in Canada.

I don't think its official event. However he will be working with a FOX Sports broadcaster and CBS radio on shows at a restaurant in LV for hockey

Lawless is the content advisor with the Vegas Golden Knights. So likely his connection between his background covering the league and being based in the market suited him for this gig.