CFL in Juneau

I know the US if forever banned from havng a CFL team . However Alaskans do not like ..
I'm sorry HATE the BC Lions . Alaskans also don't support NFL as much as CFL . So the only team that has support
Or is supported by Alaskans is the Eskimoes . I feel it is the CFLs responsibility to show support to these out of town fans .
If the Buffalo Bills can play in Toronto , than I say all the CFL teams can play a pre season or regukar season in
the cities that could possibly have a CFL team one day .. Like Juneau , Ottowa and Quebec city .

Don't see the point playing a game in the US just for the sole point of playing on foreign soil, its a waste of time and money. Rather see the league work at cleaning up their own backyard here in Toronto, Hamilton and work on doing exhibition football in London, Quebec City, Halifax and Moncton

That is why I said "cities that could possibly have a CFL team one day "
London , Halifax and Monteco are to small of venues . As where Juneau
has CFL fans all day . But I do agree that the Aros need a diffrent stadium

Juneau (population 31,000) is way to small for a CFL franchise. However Anchorage (population 280,000) would be an excellent option for a CFL expansion team. It certainly has the right demographics to support a franchise. Their only problem (like Halifax, London, Quebec City.......) is the lack of a stadium. Who knows, with all their oil money, maybe the 2025 Grey Cup will be played in the Exxon-Mobil Stadium in beautiful, downtown Anchorage. Hey, it could happen.

CFL in Alaska, For a minute, I thought Kanga had returned.

Seriously though, no team wants to give up a home gate revenue. Is there such a stadium big enough in Alaska that could do this?

Interesting idea.... Just don't bring up the Action Point next!

Your my new favourite poster.

But in all seriousness thanks for the Alaskan CFL support.

Great if true, always awesome to have fans for the CFL game anywhere in the world, but how would JoelinVegas know this to be true?

Oh, I would be looking forward to a Grey Cup game in Anchorage. :smiley:

mpdid- As a former resident of "The Last Frontier" and the "Land of the Midnight Sun" (Fairbanks 1969-70) I always support Alaska. Alaska is where I received my first taste of the CFL and the league is more popular up there than most people realize. I honestly do feel that if Anchorage ever did build a proper stadium, they would be an excellent prospect for a CFL franchise. Who knows, maybe someday down the road it will happen.

That was my thought as well! Wonder what sport he is pitching to play up there now?

I was in Alaska last week, both Anchorage and Juneau. Anchorage would make a great CFL city. If Quebec City, Ottawa, and the Maritimes each got a team, there would be 6 in the east and 5 in the west. To even things up you would need another western team and Anchorage would be a much better city than Victoria or Saskatoon in my opinion. Both of those cities already have local teams that they can root for.

Wading into this very hypothetical convo late, sorry. I'm a diehard Rider fan...grew up in Regina but moved the Yukon about 20 years ago. Get back to 1 or 2 games a year at TF.

Anyway, I've spent a ton of time working in Alaska and have always felt that Anchorage could support the game.

First, you have enough population (about 650K in Alaska, 300K or so in Anchorage)...2nd, Alaskans are HUGE into sports. They have 2 pro hockey teams (Anchorage and Fairbanks), they have massive university sports programs...they host the Frozen Four NCAA hockey tournament every year, they have major basketball programs, etc, etc. 3rd, they know the CFL. They get CBC in Alaska and before the TSN exclusive TV contract I often watched CFL games while in Alaska for work. Finally, given their geography, Alaskans are very informed about Canada. To get from Alaska to the Lower 48 by road, they have to drive through Whitehorse and either down through Edmonton or Calgary and into Montanta, or through BC to Vancouver into Washington. They understand the western Canada geography.

I know people assume Alaska must be 40 below all year round (or the Yukon for that matter)...but think Vancouver with less rain, and you've got the weather picture in Anchorage.

The stadium, is there enough corporate support, and would there be enough fan interest? Not sure.

But hypothetically, if you could bring Anchorage into the CFl, say with Hawaii (another market starved for pro sports), I think it could work.

No, 1st problem is the import rule ! The American teams can field all Americans, thus you would have larger talent pool to select from. Which would obviously be a huge advantage, if you have wise football people in charge ! The travel costs would be another issue ! The Cfl is/has having/had all kinds of proplems in Ottawa. So that will be the 1st on the league’s agenda! Then Halifax would be next on the wish list !

Whoops, my bad…just read my post and realized I called the Alaska NCAA hockey tourney the Frozen 4…sorry…thats the name of the NCAA championaship tournament.

Also, as an aside, there are currenly two Arena 2 football teams in Alaska…Fairbanks and Anchorage, and a 3rd is scheduled to start play next year (Wasilla…the home of Sarah Pallin). Former U of Regina star Teale Orban and Rider draft pick, Teale Orban is the 3rd string QB in Fairbanks.

That is trully love for the game . 3rd string in a arena league . As far as traveling . Split the season
4 away / 4 home rotation . This will save on travel expeses . The same for London(not Ontario) and Halifax .

Alaska would be a logical place for a new West Division team....

Gotta like when one person speaks for all Alaskans lol. I know a couple people in Anchorage and they are rabid NFL fans and they also like the NHL. One is an Eagles/Red Wings fan and, the others I dont recall, but none of them have actually watched a CFL game yet. Sorry you hate the Lions but I'll bet beyond your little gaggle of friends hardly anyone has even watched them. In my opinion to actually hate a team is childish. Sure I can see not liking fans or certain players, but to hate a team is pretty sad.

Granted Alaska couldn't use the import rule, but it's not like the top talent in the States is going to be crawling over each other to play in Alaska. Most imports would rather play in lower Canada, so things would even out. Maybe they could have a rule that they must have some native Alaskans. I think there is some semi pro leagues in the States that make a requirement that a certain number of players need to be locals. If that could apply here, it would be a decent compromise.

Same rules for everybody !

have the team based out of a canadian city, but play its home games in alaska. the whitehorse-alaskan possy. or whatever. then the team will have the Canadian rules.