CFL in Houston, Texas

Just got transferred to Houston from Calgary and starting to get very concerned that I won't be able to get any CFL games on tv down here. Anyone have any suggestions? I see that the international broadcasting schedule has yet to be posted. Thanks.

DirecTV televises two or three games per week on their Fox Sports channels. Cox cable here in south Louisiana also shows a game or two each week.

Your best option would be to get DirecTV with the sports package (all the channels in the 600s). Then you'll be assured of games every week.

Do whatever you can to get the games. You dont want to miss
the Stamps this yr. New turf, new attitude, new outcome.

Lil saskargies gonna be in a bad mood again this yr. LOL

Is it not possible to for example move your Bell Expressview dish to wherever so long as you had one and continue to pay the account?

When is she NOT in a bad mood??? :lol:

It can be done. Fortunately, the footprint for Bell ExpressVu reaches the Houston area. But remember this: what you plan to do is not legal according to Bell ExpressVu (or any other DBS service).

In theory no. You are not allowed to subscribe to Bell in the states like you cannot not legally get DirecTV in Canada. How every had you had the bill charged directly to your credit card. Who would know?

I have family in Dallas and in Washington State they do this with no problems.

And you especially don't want to miss watching them get s***kicked by the eskimos 4 times... :slight_smile:


(Wipes sweat of his head), I though this was yet another expansion topic about adding a team in Houston, thankfully, that isn't so.

But I think the OLN network is showing a few games this season. usually has a sticky posted during the regular season where you can get an internet feed for a number of games.

You are talking radio right?
I have never heard of a TV feed over the net

I think you can get a TV feed over the net, I remember seeing somone having a playoff hockey game on his computer, a feed from CBC no less.