CFL in Halifax/Quebec City BEFORE Ottawa?

With the recent news that a new CFL team in Ottawa will not be playing in 2008, I thought it'd be interesting to ask CFL fans if they think an often-rumoured team in Halifax or Quebec City will materialize BEFORE the return of CFL football to Ottawa.

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team!

Ottawa will likely return, but any CFL expansion team needs a new stadium.(or major upgrades to a new stadium)

-Frank Clair is old + City is charging way to much to CFL teams who use it + little luxury boxes.
-PEPS is CFL sized, but Lacks Boxes
-No other Stadium outside a CFL city is larger then 11K

a CFL quality stadium of around 30K+ seats and 30+ Luxury boxes costs 100-120M, maybe lower costs but unlikely.

I'll vote that we will be an 8 team league for at least 6 more years..... Oh where, oh where is that box..........

if you consider 10K seats ( and making 8K stand on a track ) CFL sized :roll:

Just think Drummer, on TSN the Sportscaster could read:

"Another Standing Room only crowd at Quebec City, to witness the CFL game between.........." :wink:

Where is the 'completely satisfied with an 8 team league' option?

I have to wonder sometimes, with all the expansion threads all the time .. am I the only one that feels that it is completely acceptable to continue on without expanding to fringe locations, just for the sake of expanding?


would ottawa, halifax or QC be considered 'fringe'?

i dont see how those cities are more 'fringe' than regina, hamilton or winnipeg.

How about another option?

Expansion can wait a while...

Hey I'm just going by Wiki and world stadiums that says it's 18.5K SEATS Stadium.

Now that is alot of fans always standing on the track this year if Laval Averaged 13K+ fans per game(6 games)

I can get a solid picture of it, but it seems to be consistant that it has more then 10K seats.

Don't involve Winnipeg in this.
Winnipeg is a good sized Canadian City that supports it's team.

The reason Every City that does not have a CFL team is fringe is they all have huge Stadium issues, and the city doing the most to fix it is Moncton and their only building a 10-11K stadium.

Ottawa's stadium is very old, in bad shape and the city wants to overcharge any CFL tenants.

Sell Frank Clair and the land it's on for 30M+ for Condos.

team up with some private investors, the Feds and the Province to Build Ottawa a new State of the Art Stadium of 30-40K Seats to house the GeeGee's, Semi-Pro football and a New CFL team.

Hunt, Sherman and D'Angelo would be a working ownership group and if they help build the stadium then let them have a chance with a CFL team.

a team in Ottawa with Luxury boxes and not being in a degraded stadium could just succeed.

It looks like Scotia Bank Place has over 100 Luxury Boxes.
so if the Pro Football team had say 40 they should be able to get sold for a decent chunk of Change, enough to secure the team can last in the CFL.

Frank Clair Stadium has how many Luxury Boxes? less then a dozen? (which are from what I hear in very bad shape)

New Stadiums are Needed for any expansion City.

Built preferably close to the local CIS team(Ottawa that's the Gee Gees, Quebec City that's Laval Rouge et Or and Halifax that is the Huskies right?)

close to Unis so that there are atleast 14 events at the Stadium per year although they should have atleast 1-3 major concerts and other events

Now that the Palmer group has pulled out, and the fans in Ottawa dont seem to care, I would say that its a strong possibility you will see teams in QC and Halifax before Ottawa even gets considered again.

Nah. I have a feeling that there is a lot of posturing going on in Ottawa. I'll bet we'll see a team there fairly soon.

And you are basing this statement on...what exactly? How should Ottawa fans have reacted? What should they have done?

See? Its the same thing over and over–and over again. The CFL screwed us! Local politicians screwed us! The prospective owners are not up to snuff! When does the silliness end? Its time for the CFL to forget about Ottawa, and make the 8 current franchises healthy, then talk about expansion. If more Ottawa fans have the same attitude expressed in the Goodybe CFL thread in the Ottawa forum on this site, they are basically saying “eff you” to the league–then we should say “eff you” right back. There is a lot more the Gades fans could have done, like attend games and made sure the franchise was viable. The possibility still exists of community ownership-- if anyone in Ottawa is willing to take up the cause. Seems to me that no one is willing to even give it a shot. Lots more the fans could have done, but are unwilling to do.

Try to show to perspective Owners that you would actually support a team?
Call up Frank D'Angelo? lol.

Riot in the streets? Do something other then.. ohwell don't need the CFL.
Atleast go to CIS games in a Rough Rider Jersey, show support that way. If there are huge crows out to GeeGee games especially if in RR jerseys it makes the city look like they might actually care about football.

Also start beating up your Politicians and Corporate Community to throw in their support.

Maybe the huge crows at the GG games are scaring the fans away. If the crows are bid enough to wear jerseys, they'd be pretty scary. :smiley: Sorry couldn't resist. :wink:

aie, miss the D.

huge crowds.

huge crows would be intesesting. Leftovers from the Carlton Ravens, Crows picking away at the Ravens dead. lol.

You would really need to start Counting Crows before you would know if the number of ravens dead means anything statistically speaking. :wink:

Thats my question in another thread.... besides the "Pro Ottawa" posters on here, how vigorous have the other Ottawa fans been? Have they talked CFL Football on the talk shows? Letters to editors? I know how the Ottawa posters feel here....What does the rest of the folk in Ottawa feel?