CFL in Halifax? It’s possible, new study suggests

CFL in Halifax? It’s possible, new study suggests

Quebec City, London, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, Halifax and Moncton as well as Ottawa have the fundamental market conditions to support a franchise.
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Unfortunately this article offers nothing of substance as we are rehashing the same old same old.
The lack of stadiums, ownership and political will is evident in most of these areas save and hopefully except Ottawa.

Halifax is in the process of building a Stadium, they are in phase 2 of 3 phases.
Canada will host the 2015 FIFA Womans World Cup and a Halifax Stadium is eligible for Government financing similar to the Pan Am Grants for IWS2.
With the recent huge Shipbuilding contract being awarded to Halifax their economy will skyrocket.
There will be alot of well paying jobs building Ships and Stadiums in Halifax.
If Halifax builds their Stadium and has an owner, IMHO they will get a franchise.

Cool. I didn't know that. They're talking a minimum of 20,000 seats.

Here's the stadium website

Having Halifax would be so cool. Would love to go out there for a game after a lobster dinner. :smiley:

But it's the "same old" again - no owner. Who wants to invest in a CFL franchise?
Look at the problems with Toronto - the biggest market in Canada, 19,000 average and thousand of tickets that are given away. Even in Hamilton 23 - 24 thousand average and 20% are complimentary tickets.
I think that it could be possible when Toronto goes under in the next couple of years that they could persuade a rich owner to make a small city like Halifax viable.

Opinion Article in todays Halifax Hearald on a CFL franchise in the maritimes

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Good honest article - he's right, it's not going to happen:

"The winning city has to score high on necessities such as a proper stadium, a supportive population deemed large enough for CFL success, suitable ownership and a business community active enough to provide the necessary corporate help.

At this point, neither Halifax nor Moncton has all of these essentials.

That’s why the CFL isn’t already here"

Cats better win before they have expansion draft and lose what they are building!!!

Has anyone considered the weather at this time of year. Right now, the Maritimes are digging out of a snow storm. What would have happened if the Grey Cup was held there this year? I know that there is snow in places like Calgary or Winnipeg, but don't the Maritimes have more icy weather at this time of year?
Also, I have noticed the website for the Atlantic Schooners is no longer working. Anyone know why?

Don't know what this has to do with anything, I've seen snowy football games in Buffalo, NY, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver.
Do you remember the "Snow Bowl" Grey Cup in Hamilton in 96??
Southern Ontario has more icy weather than they do out west in November.

I wouldn't worry about it because there will be NO team in Atlantic Canada - as the Halifax writer stated above - if it was feasible and there was an ownership group there would be a team there now.

It would be very cool - annual road trip.

I read the article and he is right about the rivalry between cities.Both Moncton and Halifax are great towns to visit plenty of things to do I've never had anything but good times in both cities but Halifax is the big center in the area it is like Toronto to you guys.The city everyone outside Atlantic Canada talks about,so it seems to people here that to the rest of Canada there is only one city east of Quebec.I know it sounds petty but it is something that any team will have to deal with.I remember when the first Touchdown Atlantic was announced the CTV news caster from Halifax was complaining that Halifax didn't get the game.So to who ever owns a team in the area they have their work cut out for them.

I remember when the first Touchdown Atlantic was announced the CTV news caster from Halifax was complaining that Halifax didn't get the game.
That's due to the fact that Huskies Stadium holds a measly 4,000 permanent seats or up to 9-10,000 with temps.

Far below the 20,000+ in Moncton.

Cohon move your ass :roll: