cfl in detroit???

Agreed :thup: And bear in mind it’s still 4 down…small field… No Fun League brand of football! :lol:

London Ontario would be the best current option, in my humble opinion.
If Ottawa fumbles their return…that city should be the first ever city banned from the league. CFL should NEVER return to that city again.
I heard rumours they’re preparing for a return next season. They just ceased operations for a year didn’t they?
Anyway…if they ceased operations and are returning next season…this should be their LAST chance. If they are shut down for good…the CFL should never return.

I may be nutz,(well my wife thinks so anyhoo),but wouldn't Windsor be perfect? The Lions have been the Argos of the NFL for so long,the folks would glad to see a good fast paced CFL game so's they could snub thier noses at the Lions! :cowboy:

:thup: :thup: :thup: