cfl in detroit???

ooops... thats "FOOTBALL"..

The CANADIAN HOCKEY LEAGUE has a team in Erie, Pennsylvannia, my goodness, what blasphemy, and in hockey, Canada's national sport most say. I think I'm going to have a heart attack.


Sorry but your argument doesn't fly....I know of a Canadian team that has done well playing baseball! We are talking the "Canadian" brand of many Americans play our game? Just like how many Candians play our game in American hockey rinks! If it sells and increases the quality of players we get...then go for it but do it right this time! :wink:

Very, very well said Woody!!!!


LA Would not work ..
There going to have an NFL Team with in the 6 Years.

Count on it..

Then What do we do think Team then ..
Moved them to Shreveport

U.S. expansion? When will they ever learn? Gimme Ottawa, Halifax or Quebec City first.

An Argo fan

I'll say your an idiot close this thread.


Windsor is a Lions' town.

CfL should go to Ottawa soon, then Quebec City and Halifax or Moncton.

Big difference between MLB and CFL, there is ONE baseball league(for professionals) while the CFL splits with the NFL. NFL is the yankee league for american team while the CFL is for guess who? CANADA! And anyone who thinks we can get more fans from the States(like say 100,000 for a couple teams) is completely insane. The CFL will NEVER work just because the Yanks are too stuck up as a whole to accept the CFL even though it is by far a better game, they think(not all) that the NFL is the only way to play football and all others are terrible. (USFL,CFL in the day,XFL)


Too bad the Americans are so narrow minded.
Football actually started in Canada at the University of Kingston, first started as Rugby in the 1800's. Same thing as Basketball.

yo woody,you hit it right on the nose with that one...if the cfl stays north of the us border and dont go pass would draw big crowd...i tell you the cfl needs people like you and i in front office to get that area kicking big and i dont think we would fail either..

Well call me insane SackAttack! Having been born and raised with football (55 yrs.)and living on the border of Sarnia/Port Huron (which by the way is only 35 miles N/E from the Silverdome) I wouldn't know anything about border towns and American football fans! :roll:

Perhaps you could re-read my earlier post about what might work and where before you answer! OK?

Rugby football did not start in Canada at the University of Kingston --- or Queen's if that's what you meant. It was first played at McGill. The game in 1861 at U of T was more of a soccer-style game.

That would be a very stupid no brain move when we owe it to the fans of Ottawa to have the Gades back ASAP! Also I never want to see the CFL state side NEVER AGAIN!

Otherwise Harvard would have invited U of T to play rather than McGill, right sobrien? If both were playing rugby football, U of T would have won out over McGill as Harvard's choice of opponent since U of T was/is? the more prestigious university of the two from what people tell me. :wink:

Cats99...please read above...and while your at might look at the map as suggested...with Ottawa back in the fold...Syracuse and Ottawa and Montreal particularly would be natural rivals!

Thanx for that clarification.

America doesn't need the CFL.

they have their own football league starting in April 2007 according to the league producers

the ALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE if they get it off the ground.

8-10 teams playing out of american universities. Players that didn't make the NFL and are finished school.

apparently they are working on a tv deal and have 4 of the 8 universities already in agreement. Should be interesting if they do start.

590 fan radio had it as a main topic on prime time last night

secret-agent wrote:

America doesn't need the CFL
Actually America, Canada any country doesn't need professional sports at all, IMO, when you get right down to it, it's really entertainment, if these aren't there, people will find other things to do like we learned from the NHL lockouts and other lockouts/strikes over the years.

The sky isn't going to fall if this new league ever gets off the ground. It will provide the CFL with some players with pro experience just like the NFLE and the Arena League does now.