cfl in detroit???

yo hamilton tell me what you think about cfl in detroit/windsor

I have long thought Windsor to have great expansion potential.

the only reason cfl didnt make it in the states last time is they made a big mistake putting teams in non football markets..if they would have put teams in detroit,boston,ny they'll still be here plus the owners didnt know what they were doing jumping into something they knew nothing about(trying to run an organization)

to many teams to fast equals failure instead of one at a time

the lack of being able to implement the import/non-import ratio killed US expansion. and SHOULD kill any further thought of it.

lets focus on getting ottawa back, actualy to tell ya the truth id like to see halifax get a team first


Go after LA, no NFL team and huge market. Or New York or Chicago. If this is in the unwritten "CFL vision and mission". Have never seen such a document and doubt I ever will. So go after whatever market is best if the goal of the CFL is to become more successful and profitable, regardless of geography.
Once in a big US market, then some Canadian markets will follow.

I think I have to agree with Blitz on this one.
We need to get the CFL stable and thriving before we should ever consider thaking teams outside of Canada.
After that (I'm not sure how this works or if it's possible) I think i the leage wants to expand the 1st places would be to look where the highest ratings come from with the CFL broadcasts.

Carpman wrote:

We need to get the CFL stable and thriving before we should ever consider thaking teams outside of Canada.
That would be nice but what if someone from the States, excellent "would be" owner with lots of money, comes knocking on the CFL door and says I want to put a team in say a market like LA, for example? Do we say no, thank you, sir, we aren't interested in you or your money or your city at this time? Not sure about that.

I'm afraid that any CFL team in LA would just be a stepping stone to an NFL team.


Im thinking a team would be better off in Quebec city. As someone who spends upwards of 3 months there a year, i believe the populance would love having the team. The problem si they dont have a large stadium. They do ahve Laval's field which seats about 150000 and probably could be expanded to hold about 20-25 000 in extra seating, but a stadium would ahve to be built. Also, a team in Ottawa should be a prioty too. Windsor would be ok for a CFL market i think, but since its so close to Detroit, me thinks it may lose a bit of interests because of the Detroit Lions. (although if the lions keep losing, they probably will lose interest in them anyway).

Re espo-the lack of being able to implement the import/non-import ratio killed US expansion. and SHOULD kill any further thought of it.

IMO the import ratio had no effect on the Canadian teams being competative. ony Batimore stood out and they had D.Mathews H.C- Perhaps a team in Windsor coud pay its “Big” or important Games at the dome in Detroit :thup: .(sorry eybaord troube. :?

Well cut and quarter me.....I think if done right (the right place the right owners and the right time...when things at home are stable) a team in Detroit would draw from London , Chatham, Sarnia and Windsor and as far west as Grand Rapids and south to Toledo and Cleveland! Portland Oregon would be another good place! Syracuse NY would be another venue worth looking at. It's all about travel times and creating and maintaining natural rivalries! Some time take a look at a map of North America and look at the cities we have now!

While your at it...How would it look with Halifax and Ottawa back in the fold! I think the key to making US expansion work is not going too far south with it! :thup:

:D :D

IMO Windsor would be a great CFL city and I think they would be kinda proud to have a proffesional sports team in their city. It would draw fans ( and TV viewing) from Detroit and surrounding area as well it would boost the local economy (from all the visitors to that city) but would have to use the University staium (I forget the name of that Uni) until a larger one is built (provided that the team is a success).


Ah yes, that minor issue of a stadium. Look people, if Toronto had to beg, borrow and steal almost to get a 20,000 stadium built for the world cup of soccer, under 20 category, what makes anyone think that a stadium of this size would be financed and built in Windsor or any other Canadian city for that matter? Public money is very tough to get these days and the only reason Toronto got money is because of the amateur nature of the soccer championships. I don't see any financiers out there looking to build football stadiums in this country, even hockey arenas, hockey is the no. 1 sport in Canada according to most, are tough and Windsor is still playing in that little barn they have there.

But maybe the CFL will try a city that has a smaller university stadium and see how it goes provided there are good and solid owners behind the team right from the beginning. But I don't think you will see the CFL do this, in the past they have reiterated that a 25,000 seat stadium is required before anything happens.

We already have ENOUGH teams in Ontario provided we get Ottawa back. 4 teams in one provine, you might as well call it the OFL. Instead of Windsor, how about we get a team in (sarcasm)Red Deer or how about Medicine Hat, Saskatoon,Victoria, heck why not put a team up in Iqaluit(sp?)(sarcasm ends) Just because there may be a market doesn't neccessarily mean there will be a successful franchise.(Lots of people in Atlanta, how many people go to Thrashers games) You really have to do your homework.

It's the CFL and the "C" stands for Canadian and Canadian means Canada which means ALL teams should be in CANADA!

The CHL has American teams in it and can win a great Canadian trophy, the Memorial Cup, why can't the CFL do the same?

thank you!