I’m living in Australia and have been able to watch the games on ESPN3 oR WatchESPN for the past 3 or 4 years. I have a cable contract (Foxtel here). I can’t find anywhere to see the games here this year. Can anyone out there help?

All you need to do is sign up for one of the IP hide sites. It costs around $30 a year, it gives you IP addresses around the world, you then change your IP to a US IP and then you sign up for ESPN+ for $5 a month.

And here I was hoping that a Canadian rules football league was being started up in Australia.


Ambrosie will be on the case soon.

Good for him if he does. It is great that they are trying to spread the league to the rest of the world.

Now that TSN has a streaming platform in need of content maybe TSN (with a little help from Ambrosie) can get the streaming rights for Gaelic Football in Canada in exchange for the streaming rights for Canadian football in Ireland.

This is from the “International Streaming” link on US$80 for the entire season seems pretty reasonable (less than US$1 per game). It’s also cheaper than using a VPN + ESPN+ for ~US$90/year.


Thanks for that rpaege. The link worked perfect and no commercials cut out. I’m ordering the season package.

G’day mate. Lets put another shrimp on the barbie.

Right back at you except AFL. Ive considered paying for it from but its pricey. I only ever catch a game or 2 or parta there-of per season. Still dont know the rules but i enjoy it greatly.