Well the numbers are in as printed in The Globe and William Houston's article.
It is very impressive for TSN, in fact the average is up 7% to 346,000 per telecast while CBC is down 7% from last year at 352,000. The latter is no real surprise as the broadcasting product is a dog.

TSN just outclasses the CBC in every aspect of their broadcast. They have the better host for pre-game (Randorf), a better panel, better commentators , and a better all around presentation. Some accuse Suitor of having a Rider bias, be he is way more articulate and knowledgeable then Walby will ever hope to be, it will be nice when TSN totally takes over CFL broadcasts next year.

How badly would losing the CFL hurt the CBC, though?

I kind of like the CBC because it's the only station that plays Canadian hockey games. TSN always shows the American games.

I dont know Chief, TSN shows an awful lot of Leaf games, as well as Habs. They may play American teams, but at least TSN goesnt give us a steady diet of Leafs, Leafs and more Leafs every Saturday night…

Sambo totally agree with your analysis.
With my further opinion how Cuthbert and Suitor are the best play by play and colour team in all of football.

Imagine what the CFL’s TV ratings would be if the home fans weren’t blacked out from watching the game most of the time?