CFL Import Running Back Shopping

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From the list of free agents above, here's my best guess which backs would be prime for CFL consideration after any cuts in July or August. Are any of these guys on a negotiation list?

These backs are for the most part still young enough to groom should they not make an NFL roster this season:

FA = Current Free Agent

Kahlil Bell
Curtis Brinkley
Aaron Brown
Justin Forsett
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Tim Hightower
Javarris James
Chris Jennings FA (former CFL player and with plenty of trouble off the field though)
Deji Karim
Kregg Lumpkin
Evan Royster FA
Alfonso Smith
Kevin Smith
LaRod Stephens-Howling
Tyrell Sutton

There are also plenty of young running backs with and without camp experience on and off this list, but these guys above for the most part at the point where if they are not playing more this coming season in the NFL, they will be likely soon out of the NFL anyway given that if they are not playing it would be far more compelling for management to replace with them with younger backs and often to pay them less.

And be thankful that the Green Bay Packers don't know how to recruit running backs and hopefully will not attempt to grab the next great CFL back thanks to the new CFL CBA as requires a minimum of two seasons:

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Messam was the last great one to leave on the old CBA. :frowning:

And then like Mallet he ended up quickly with serious injuries.

Hello Winnipeg?

With the very sad news for Garrett today that he's out for the season at best, it will be interesting to see what Winnipeg does now.

Chad Simpson has quite the kickoff return history, but if they are going with him as their lead back, well I wish it upon them as an Eskie fan.

Otherwise the shopping list below remains as well as other talented guys not on the list who were released from other teams last week.

I really expect the Bombers to ride it out.

With only one back?

Dorzon will likely get the start against BC and if Simpson can’t go as a back-up (he’s missed all week with a leg injury so he’s doubtful for the game) then Woodson will be the back up. We don’t know how long it will be until Volny’s back but he’s on the 1 game IR, not the 9 game so it’s sooner rather than later.

just because these guys are NFL washouts doesn't mean they're CFL stars.

most of them probably can't cut it here either and not because they are NFL failures.

it would be because they wouldn't be able to adapt to the Canadian game.

bad year for running backs so far this year....on the other hand, might be good news for a player like Joffery Reynolds

Is it my imagination, or have we seen more running back injuries, in particular Achilles tendon tears, in the past few years than usual? If so, is it just a weird statistical anomaly, or is it possible that some equipment change introduced lately, or possibly a change in turf technology, has actually had a negative impact of players' health? Or is just an effect of the bigger, stronger, faster players in the game today?

As I said, it could just be a statistical anomaly, or it could just be me imagining things or not remembering past injuries.

The most important attribute of a CFL RB is being a good blocker and understanding his protection priorities. That's why the Ticats signed Avon Cobourne and made him the highest paid RB in the league at 33 yrs old. J. Reynolds would also be a good pickup for the Bombers.

Not sure about those NFL RB's listed, they are probably good straight ahead runners but might get their QB killed until they learn their blocking assignments.

Of course with all those NFL names below, for sure they have to be tested in CFL conditions given the different emphases on responsibilities for running backs. Like the title of the thread says, go shopping.

At least now I can see Hightower and Stephens-Howling doing just fine in the CFL should they ever wish to change leagues after release as is doubtful any time soon.

Both have experience via Arizona playing in a spread offence in the NFL and thus blocking an awful lot for their QB in addition to running the flare and screen routes effectively.

Stephens-Howling also is a solid kick returner.

Bolded part… J Reynolds would also be a good pickup for the Bombers.

Just gonna say this and be done with this talk of the bombers picking up reynolds or any other cfl running back who isnt around anymore. IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Gonna go out on a bit of a limb here and say… none of you have heard of a guy by the name of Bloi-Dei Dorzon, give it a few weeks and you will :slight_smile: