CFL Illustrated Game Day Programs

For those of you who have been long time CFL fans, remember these ?

These were discontinued after the 96 season.

I miss them, but have a large collection. I enjoyed having the articles , game action photos , and individual stars on the covers of the designated visiting team.

I understand why they were discontinued. The CFL office printed them and not enough people were buying them .
They were only about $5 , so very good price considering what was in them.

I know they will never be back, as each team has their own "version of a program " Here in Calgary , it is just a piece of cardstock with the line up on it.

Just curious as to how many others miss them and wish they would come back ?
Or is it a matter of them being gone so long, who cares anyway ?

I remember for the 94 season the first page was Larry Smith talking about how the CFL was the fastest growing sports league in Both
From 1954 to 2016 the league has the exact same teams. With one name change

the CFHOF carried back issues of Game Day programs for sale at the downtown location for years.

anyone know if HOF merchandise will be sold at their new THF location or will it just focus on exhibits solely?