CFL Ignored (Again) In Any Year End Awards

Checking all these year end awards voted on by the various media outlets, such as athlete of the year, and top sports stories of the year, its amazing how CFL players or events nary gets a mention. Except of course in a negative fashion. One writer referred to the Grey Cup as a "dud" that only drew 2.4 million viewers. Guess the million in Quebec don't matter?

But you'd figure if they can nominate any baseball player who hits over .200 as a candidate for our athlete of the year, how can a guy like Ben Cahoon or Jason Cleremont not even get listed on the ballot? Or how can not one CFL story get any attention?
But of course the Buffalo Bills in Toronto is THE big football story of the year in Canada, at least the media thinks so.
So was the Super Bowl. But the Grey Cup? Forget it.

I don't know if the CFL isn't pushing its players enough, but they have got to do something to get the league and its players noticed. Because I am sick of seeing baseball players and all these American centric events getting coverage like they somehow involve us. Its time we start promoting our own more.

Bangs head against wall

The Grey Cup was exciting... but did it feature a 16-0 team? Did it feature a QB nearly being sacked on a key down? Did it feature a guy catching a ball between his hand and helmet? Did it feature a team upseting a 16-0 team and ending their shot at a perfect season? That's why the Super Bowl is such a big story.

Oh, and The Score was showing their top 50 plays of the year, and I saw a few plays from the CFL, including Ray's TD pass to Tucker to win us the game against the Stamps, and the Eskimos play against the Lions where Peterson lifted his shirt to show #83 and honour Tucker!

But by all means, continue whining about how the CFL always gets the shaft. Don't worry, it's not getting old... :roll:

Look, both you guys are right and wrong, of course. But you must remember the fundamental philosophy of media - which is to always, as much as possible, cater to the masses and what is perceived to be what is the pinnacle of the pyramid, the top. So much media attention giving to the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, major soccer leagues worldwide, it's a wonder that the CFL even gets anything in the top 50 even if the plays are there or story lines to get in as such. Be thankful to a certain respect, honestly. The media and coverage is so easy to tap into with those leagues, not as easy in the CFL where it all has to be created right here, in Canada, tough work and tough, very tough, competition.

I don't even understand why these awards are so important. Who cares? 20 years from now, are people going to say, "Hey, remember when TSN said this story was the top story of 2008?" These countdowns and awards are completely meaningless. It's just a nice way for newspapers and TV networks to wrap up the year.

And to be honest, did the CFL really have any outstanding stories? I was looking over TSN's top stories, and they have things like the Giants upsetting the Patriots, the Celtics finally winning another ring (even if it wasn't earned...), Phelps and Bolt setting records, etc. Did anything happen in the CFL this year that could compare to those stories? I can't think of anything... I'm not saying it wasn't an exciting season; it was. But no one story stands out in my mind.

We lost a lot of greats this year, but that's a little too depressing to reflect on.

Again though, the word "comparing" comes up. The CFL is different, it is unique with a long and storied history, sometimes gone unkown, that isn't in the know known "big leagues". I think Montreal getting to the GC with a rookie head coach when they are hosting the GC is big news and Hank finally winning his first is big news. Big news to CFL fans. But comparing anything with NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, big soccer leagues, PGA, well, Americans have written 50 stories for each CFL story, so much more media there that Canadian media feeds on and uses for programming.

That's what makes the cfl so special,they have stayed close to their roots, fans can still identify with them and the game is still the most exciting brand of football going. The salaries of the major sports have made their athletes spoiled and divas. In the cfl,you see the players beside you pumping their own gas or driving a winter beater in the off season and needing to work to help suppliment their income in the winter. Of course the star players do all right in the salary department,but nothing outragious.

Justin Morneau finished second in MVP voting. Saying he barely hit over .200 is stretching it. You go find me a baseball player that barely hit over .200 and was nominated for an award.

^^ Here are the top 40 batting averages for both the AL and the NL. The lowest is .274.

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Eh... having a rookie head coach winning the Grey Cup wasn't that big of a story. Both coaches were rookies I suppose Burris winning was a big story, but I don't know...

Sounds like you're comparing though Chief. I know this is natural to do and I do it, we all do it. But the CFL is a different bird in many ways and even if some guy caught a ball with his baby toe upside down in the end zone with his helmet twisted backwards for the winning td with no time on the clock to win the GC, this would still get hardly any media attention from the American sourced media and thus would still be relegated down the list by many Canadian media who mainly feed off what the American media is pushing with the "big leagues".

…doesn’t really matter what the CFL does …we continue to be, and always were, looked upon by the media in this country ,as the ’ poor cousins’ of the sporting world…We have a great fan base …who love the game and support it…Because we don’t get all kinds of accolades spun in our direction means very little to me and to a lot of other dedicated CFL fans…What counts most is the success this league continues to have in Canada and enjoyment it provides …and if that doesn’t measure up to the nfl, nhl or other leagues in some peoples estimation (the media with blinders on) TOUGH…our league is most important to the people who really count…fans of the CFL…The cooked-up awards given out to others ,by ‘others’ ,mean very little… :thup: :rockin:

Excellent post papa, I couldn't agree more. The berezin's of this forum just don't get it... the fans of the CFL get entertained by a great football product year in and year out, and like just the way it is. Who cares what Toronto's media NFL wannabes think anyway? Just more of berezin's Chicken Little routine... I for one, am getting tired of his sky is falling rants.

I couldn't agree more with papa and Sambo. :smiley:

Most reporters hang around with, wait for it, other reporters. They do not, as they would like you to believe, have their finger on the pulse of the public. Their job is to fill copy space with something that people will read. It's pretty easy to see how many of them can lose perspective on what's really important, which is why journalism is one of the least respected professions. You simply cannot trust much of what they say, good or bad, because they tend to all influence each others opinion.

I would take this with a grain of salt. It's really not the end of the world. While there were some stellar plays and great individual performances in the CFL this year, it was not a year in which the CFL whipped up a frenzy of public interest, though it was a decent year nevertheless, and YES Québecers DO matter.

There were lots of stories this year. Canada's Olympic athletes were outstanding in my mind — particularly that little wrestler from B.C. (Carol Huynh) who cried when she won the gold. I get goosebumps just thinking about that. She is my athlete of the year regardless of what some hack says.

Yes. :cowboy:

GEe. the same old same olds respond with the same old same old.
But come on boys. Not everybody wants to talk about who the backup waterboy is going to be on the Roughriders.
At least I post some threads that require thought.
This boring stuff about what do you think of this signing, or that player, is just so blase.
Maybe thats why the CFL never wins any year end awrds. The fan base doesn't even care.

It's not that people don't care,'s just that in a case such as this, many people consider the source, then take the comments with Jimmy Buffett's salt shaker...

This topic requires thought...? :expressionless:

Edit: Just wanted to add a little more... Why should we care? So what if TSN names the Super Bowl as the top story of 2008. Like I said at the beginning of this topic, is anyone going to remember that 10, 20 years down the road? Not likely. But what they will remember is who won the Super Bowl and who won the Grey Cup, and who set this record and that record, etc, etc, etc, and that's the kind of stuff that matters.

If some rag in Toronto that calls itself a newspaper wants to say the NFL is more exciting than the CFL, is that going to mean anything to someone living in Edmonton, or Calgary, or any other Western city? Probably not.

You need to stop getting so worked up over what the media says. The media are filled with a bunch of [insert insulting name here]. Read the articles, let out a chuckle, and move on, man.

We all know that the CFL is a great league, and some moron from Toronto isn't going to convince me otherwise.

If we can't discuss issues surrounding the CFL in soutehrn Ontario,then what is the point of this board????
And why do you few act so offended?
IF you don't like it, move on.
I don't make posts worrying about what you might think.
Then again my Blue Jays post has almost 2,000 views.
My Regina dome post almost 1000.
So you disagree. I get it.

Are issue isn't with you wanting to discuss issues from southern Ontario. Our issue is with you posting the same crap day after day, regardless of how many views they get... Try discussing the CFL instead of whining about this and complaining about that, and arguing how the CFL got screwed with this and that, blah, blah, blah... :roll:

Like your crap don't stink, eh pal?
Adn if nobody liked my threads, nobody would read them.
And they'd disappear. Like yours do.
But that don't? Why is that?
Maybe your opinions don't matter?
Enough already.
We;ll see how this thread turns out.
Betcha it gets more then double the views of any of yours.