CFL - Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Chad Owens challenges Commissioner Cohon, Milt Stegall and Solomon Elimimian

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And Erik Harris of the Ti-Cats challenges Ti-Cats beat reporter from The Spec Drew Edwards David OhGi Caldwell and Jeff Reinebold too.

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I'm sure by now there are dozens of other videos of CFL related individuals taking up this fun way to raise money for a great cause.

Will Hank Burris take the challenge from Andy?

For a second I thought this thread was about the Alouettes. I was thinking, What? They're really that bad?

Tell me Cohon isn't appealing to MLSE to buy the Argos. Among the three he challenges on this ALS Ice bucket craze - Tim Leiweke.

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He did (as you probably now know) and challenged Cohon and Stephen Harper.

Cohon has apparently done it. The interesting thing now is that Harper does attend RedBlacks games. If he’s there tonight…