CFL Huddle

does anyone know if the old CFL huddle is still working…if it is whats the URL

I would think its gonzo…

This is awesome. Now I get to add colour to my smack. Life is good. I think I understand your reference to the old huddle. Everything was all in one place and easy to find. Hopefully the posters will keep the general discussions, and smack in one section of the board. Otherwise it’s gonna be harder than hell to find, and read it all. :?

imsayin…looks like you’ve got the colour and icons etc. down pat already. The larger text is definately easier to read. So ah…how did you do that. I’m still getting used to this new format.

cflfanforlife instead of using the quick reply click post reply atthe bottom and you get the whole list, there are options for font size font color, emoticans and a whole bunch of crap…
hope that helps
I think you can do it as well in the quick rply as well using square brackets but I don’t know the right stuff to tell you

Thanks Billy_Soup. Lets see if this works.

Okay?? I just read the codes for bolding or coloring text. Couldn’t they have made it simple with a click of the mouse like Microsoft Word. This putting stuff in brackets and so on is silly. We’re not writing a computer program…we just want to enlarge text or bold it out.

It is as simple as Word… Just highlight your text and press the bold button.