CFL Huddle Playoffs Format

Heya guys,

Here are what are going to be the playoffs rules of our CFL Fantasy Huddle pool.

When the Week 20 games are done, we will know who qualified for the playoffs. As you know, the top four participants of each pool will head into the post season, and no, there won't be any crossover.


  • There will be, just as in the real game, three elimination rounds. The Semi-finals Games, the Division Championships and the Grey Cup Game.

  • Each participant will go head-to-head with another participant. Only one of the two will be eliminated for each round. That means, yes, that if you have the second biggest score of the eight participants, but has the misfortune to be playing against the top scorer, you will be eliminated while people with lower scores progress. But you are all adults, and it is about time you realize life isn't fair.

  • During the Semi-finals weekend, the 1st place and 4th place participants of one pool will play each other, while the 2nd place and 3rd place participants of one pool will play each other.

  • During the Division Championship weekend, the two remaining participants of each pool will face one another for the right to represent the Pool in the great final.

  • During the Grey Cup game, the Pool A winner will meet the Pool B winner to determine the 2006 Fantasy Huddle Grandmaster.


  • Each of the eight playoff participants will pick an all new team, still composed of 3 QBs, 3 HBs, 3 WRs/SBs, 3 DL, 3 LB, 3 DBs and 2 Ks.

  • For each week, you can dress no more than two players per position (but, of course, no more than one for the kicker).

  • You will however have to live with that team during the whole process. So think wise, because every week, some players will disappear. And, of course, if you mostly pick players from the two division leading teams, chances are you won't make it passed the first round, because these guys will get you zero during the semi-finals.

Note: The scoring system that will be used for these games will be the same that was in place the whole year. Perhaps is it late to tell you this, but passes knocked-down aren't worth anything. I know it was said at the beginning of the year points would be given for that, but since that stat wasn't tallied for every game, it was impossible for me to track them down. No points were ever given to anyone for that all year long.

In the case of a tie between two participants, the tie-breaker will be the average points scored by the benched players of each of the two participants. If the participants are still tied after that, the one that was ranked the highest at the end of the regular season pool will progress, while the other mourns.

Any questions?

Aw Third, I was thinking since we made it or missed it with our "all season team", We'd have to pick from the regular season roster.

Means I'll have to go get the darts sharpened again! :wink: :wink:

That would be somehow unfair for participants who have Eskimos or Ticats players in their pools, although the latter is an anomaly...

It would be unfair to those who have players who have a bye week as well.

True, forgot about the byes. My bad.

Don't be so sure you made the playoffs yet Sportsmen...I think when Third tallies the next two weeks you'll see we're pretty close. It's going to come down to the last week to see who's in and who's out. (On the other hand..looking at our two teams I don't like my chances...I want and equally don't want barrett to play joseph on friday)

Rumour has it quite a few Rider first stringers are not starting on Friday.....

A combination of pick the winners and fantasy players, I like it. Since I'm pretty much guaranteed a play-off spot (#2 in the tougher division) I better start looking at who will win.

Ive heard that all 3 Rider QBs will see action in Friday’s game…

Third, Even Though I'm Pretty Sure I Didn't Make It (I Won't Even Waste Time Trying To Talk Smack) Where Are Those Fortunate Individuals Suppose To Post They're Picks? Here Or Are You Going To Make A Seperate Topic For Each Week?

I will ask them to post their team right after we get to know who these "fortunate individuals" are. Let's just say halfback28 can already post his team if he likes... Should he not make it, that would beat the Lions 2005 collapse!

Oh, I'm not counting myself in yet. My best kicker has a bye this week and not sure which QB's to use. All depends where the darts land! :wink: