CFL History

This is the first time I've posted, but I've been a fan of the CFL for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I was mad about Condredge Holloway and the Argos. I remember watching Tony Champion of the Ti-Cats make that crazy catch against the Green Riders in the Grey Cup, only to end up losing that game. I was a fan of the Argos when John Candy and Wayne Gretzky (and their other partners) bought them and brought Raghib "The Rocket" Ismail to Toronto. However, as I try and research stats and rosters from as late as the early 90s, I find it near impossible to find anything out. Across the web, I can't seem to uncover the rosters of, say, the 1992 BC Lions.

From one CFL fan to another, is there anyone who can help me in finding information on rosters and stats from the early 90s of the CFL?

G'day mate and welcome!

try Soudog's CFL fan site.

I have some media guides from the mid-90's ... including from the Birmingham Barracudas, Memphis Maddogs, San Antonio Texans! I may be able to help you out ... what would you like to know? I unfortunately don't have any BC, Montreal or Ottawa media guide ...

Hey, I tried Soudog's site, but all he had was total rosters, which left out positions, and other vital stats. I'm looking for total rosters, the kind that may be offered in a media guide. I'm aiming for either the 1991 or 1992 seasons; my goal is to make the CFL on my PS2 (Madden Football).

Does it bother anyone else that EA Sports is making an Arena League Football video game, and Madden incorporates the World League teams, but the CFL is nowhere to be found!?

Yes it does! You are famuier with right?

besides that site, their is asite that shows team rosters, but I'll have to seach for it. Give me a sec.

No, could find anything, but I wouldn't worry over it, even the video games don't have the real names of the players, they just have RW 8, LW 24, LB 99, P/K 1, SB 13, etc.

Marty Mix Make A Roster Every Year And Posts It On This Site, I Don't Know How Far Back He's Been Doing It Or Even If Your Able To Access Anything Before April Of This Year But That's Worth Looking Into.

Anybody happen to know why the CFL home site doesn't have stats or rosters for more than a couple years back? I mean, on, I can look up any player that ever played an inning in the majors. If the CFL wants to make its game known better, they ought to cater a little more to their tradition.

I'd say it's due to general laziness, and the attitude that if people want to watch the CFL, great, but we're not going to help them out at all.

I hope I'm wrong, but it does seem that way.