CFL History/20 years ahead of nFL: Archer v. Flutie

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Stamps vs Goldminers 1993 (&^%) are you stupid

no sign of flutie and what about this game makes cfl 20 yrs ahead of nfl.

are you suggesting that in 2013, archer and flutie play an nfl game against each other???

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Flutie had legit competiton, !! Archer clearly demontrates a now (in 2013) typical nfl drive against the Stamps. If Anything appreciate the hits!

Archer could have been a Hall of Famer had he come to the CFL earlier in his football career.

Great QB with pinpoint accuracy.

indeed...what...5 years, over 20,000 yards...4k a year is impressive...basically on par with AC, granted he came in with pro experience under his belt.

All that said, I wouldn't have had a clue what the original post was all about had it not been for discussion. Still not sure how Flutie ties into the topic, other than he was watching Archer play in the clip.

Archer became a play by play guy for either TSN or CBC, I thought he did a great job. Don't know if he decided to do something else or if they didn't renew his contract.

I see that he is now a colour analyst for the Atlanta Falcons

yes Archer had some previous NFL/WLAF experience under his belt, although it is extremely rare for an American football trained QB to step into the CFL and dominate right out of the gate as Archer did.

Even the great Doug Flutie experienced difficulties adjusting to the Canadian game upon arrival in the CFL and had a very disappointing rookie season.

Very true, but it helped that the he was with the Gold Miners for a season when they were the Surge (who won the championship that season, so were a good team), prior to becoming a CFL team. Big transition, and admirably done, but at least it was familiar faces out of the gate and somewhat system. Not attempting to take anything away from his accomplishments in the CFL at all...just pointing out that he did have a few feathers in his cap coming in.

AC came in on a pretty bad Posse team, then a struggling Cats wasn't until a few years in with the Als that we saw him come to be great...I have always wondered if backing up Ham significantly contributed to that, because once he got his shot after backing him for a couple seasons he never looked back.

Flutie came into a rebuilding Lions lineup, but they were pretty solid later in the year and great the next year. What Flutie struggle with as a young QB was new receivers. If he had his regulars in there he was tough to stop...if not he tended to through a lot of pics. I remember his first year in BC and Calgary...his ratio wasn't great while getting to know his targets, but man could he rack up yards.

valid points depop, although what I meant to convey was that Archer had never played the Canadian game previously, and yet still dominated from the get go, which was, and still is, an anomaly.

Over the years/decades, countless American QB’s with ample experience have failed to make an immediate impact in the CFL without the proper development and time required to absorb the nuances of the game north of the border.

and many are never quite able to grasp the differences between the two types of football.

Flutie did have 5 years of Pro American football experience before making the transition to the CFL game, and aside from a poor rookie campaign, became arguably the greatest CFL QB of all time.

As Archer, one can only imagine the stats Flutie would have accrued had he arrived in the CFL earlier in his career, most likely eclipsing all time football records in Gretzky-like fashion.

Man, do I miss the American Teams! The Stallions and the Texans had the best uniforms of the bunch. With the Gold Miners and the Pirates coming in a VERY close second. Yes, I am an American.

Hey it's cool, and you're allowed to pine for old teams :slight_smile:

I was driving through Sacramento yesterday and I just had to look up the old Gold Miners unis and logos.

Does anyone know,what became of Archer, as he has unclaimed pension money from the CFL Players Aassoc

Ahhh, old Archer, back when players would rather retire then to wear the Roughie uniform. My how times have changed.

When he left the CBC, yes he was an excellent colour guy, supposedly was to do a similar stint with the NCAA.

I am with you on this one.
I liked the US expansion, it could have worked had there not been poor ownership for most of the teams.

Texas, Tennessee, Alabama...that was the mistake. You don't go into the heart of football USA with 3 down football. Prove out a couple teams, then maybe. That is why it never worked.

Oh during that time there were a lot of factors that conrtibuted to the expansion failing. Don't forget at that time there wasn't a salary cap, the Canadian dollar was badly hurting, next to zero US media coverage and there was a real issue with finding proper facilities to play Canadian football on. The CFL was hurting even in the heart of 3 down football in those years.

Don't forget that all American teams could not abide by the import ratio rules because of American court ruling regarding U.S. labour laws. Still the league was competative even with top QB,s playing on U.S teams.(Alan, Dunnigan)
Bring back the Goldminer,Stallions,Texans etc :rockin: