CFL historical statistics

For those who haven't found us yet, the Stats Crew has been able to bring online the most complete historical CFL statistical database available anywhere. We'd love to to get your feedback and would really like to add any historical team logos we might be missing. Check us out and let us know what you think:


Wow, all the way back to 1945.


That's awesome, great history. Thanks!

Thank you for the kind words! We also have leader-boards for each season. You can see 2017's here:

Anything you'd like to see or different breakdowns? Don't hesitate to let us know.

You need to correct mistakes. You have many seasons where it says Eastern Semi final and final when it should say Western Semi final and final

You bet! Do you recall a season where you saw the error?

Many of the early ones. I think it started right from 1947 and goes on for a number of seasons

Our thanks for the heads up on this. Many of the Western Finals and Semi-Finals in seasons where the CFL and its predecessors played multiple games each round were listed as Eastern Finals and Semi-Finals. We have made the corrections.

I've used this website before; it's great for individual player stats and games played on a more historical basis. On, if a player isn't playing, they're not here.

I feel like you've updated quarterback starts since the last time I checked it, that looks great.

Thank you for existing!

You're very welcome. Great to hear that you've found the site useful. We've tweaked the way some of the stats display, mostly to make them more user-friendly.

We're also updating stats the morning after games during the season.

Hi Stats Crew,

I think it's a great site. The year-by-year information blows away any other source I've seen.

Since you asked, my one wish would be to add all-time stats by category. e.g. all-time reception yardage leaders, all-time interception leaders, punt return leaders, etc. And if you do end up doing that, please don't stop at the top 5 or something in each category. Sometimes it's just as interesting to see who is #30 or #54, e.g. if you're tracking a current player against past ones.

Great suggestion, and I can tell you it's something we have been looking at, not only from at a league level but a team level as well. Mostly it's a matter of finding the right presentation. We don't want the page to become unwieldy with too many long lists, but we'd like to present the information in some way. Please keep checking back!