CFL Hires new on field officials

After all the whining the last few weeks on how officiating has hurt this team and that team, I have made a proposal to George Black to Hire our own Forum officiating squad.


Very Knowledgeable, a leader, and his weekly pool shows his organizational skills

The rest of the crew:

Third & Ten Travelled the CFL Cities. Knows all the good bars. A must have. Plus he's objective.

Pigseye. One of the few Bomber posters that are objective.

roughyfan. One of the few Rider fans that are objective.

jm02. The CFL is an equal opportunity employer, and I bet after a few post game drinks she'll let down that flowing red hair and be a real party animal. Actually her objectivity got her the job.

R&W Always objective. (Sorry R&W2005, you were a candidate until you posted your dislike for the Bombers)

Esks123 We had to appease Commisioner Campbell so he was the choice.....Just Kiddin. Esk123 is pretty level headed.

REPLAY OFFICIAL ro1313 His pictures say it all.

Western Supervisor Ahem, me. I'm to old to run around, but not to old to lift a few cold ones after the game.

Eastern Supervisor Papazoola. Winnipeg is in the East this year....

I'm just waiting for Mr. Black to call back with salary negotiations. Hopefully you will all be ready to go for the labour day games.

So new officials, get your jogging suits on and hit the track,

.....New head of officiating:

silly bubbles

hey bubbles finally got a little pussy, two of them...

you guys think it's so hilarious. Have any of you actually tried refereeing Football? NO? ok then SHUT UP.

I have, and let me tell you.. it is not easy by ANY MEANS!!...

try a season or 2 as an amateur Referee in your Minor Football League and then come on here and complain! :x

chill out,'s in jest.....

cflisthebest, what's your problem? Lighten up a bit! You're so miserable.

you guys make fun and criticize the officials, yet you have no clue how difficult it is to do...

Sometimes it's good to make light of a situation.

I have no doubt officiating is hard. And I never criticize officials.

I've always wondered why anyone would want to officiate, considering all the abuse one would have to take.

:lol: Nice post, sporty!

You have to have thick skin and be able to take abuse! Try and be a refree in a hockey game between the Police and the inmates! Now that is fun!

You are talking about the youngin's from the Bomber side! Hank, pappa and piggy will reel them in!

Suspension Appeals: KK He can be bought

Sorry double post. My bad.

...What a great group hem specially the eastern believe we could do a credible job...but i'm putting forth a proposal immediately...that there be a jury of posters sitting in that little re-play booth to argue their position on reviewed calls...we could appoint these posters from the various game cities as required...i know this will speed up the process and will result in quick and accurate decisions..discussion anyone...and no, there will be no bar-service in the booth... :rockin:

You completely miss my tongue and cheek.

A lot of posters have criticized the officials on this web-site. I chose posters who look objectively at officiating to make my team.

To quote jm02..."Chill out!"

You singled me out Sporty I will never forgive you! Just do not allow me to ref a Bomber game! I got your application and filled it out and now you take it away. Disappointed! Iwas looking forward to the abuse!

Abuse? You want abuse? I'll put KK and his action point on you...Hows that for abuse! :wink: :wink:

Ah I tired that and well that is just too much abuse! I really think he has given yup on that now! If he doesn't I have a cousin down in Atlanta the will drive it home to him! But yes that would be the ultimate abuse! :lol:
But I can take it send him to me!

Hey what about me, can I be the Water Boy???

did it in Middle School!