CFL Hiding Trades ?

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Oh no! Toronto acquired someone from Edmonton's neg list. Holy crap! Why weren't we told about this block buster trade? :o

I wouldn't really call this a non-event, though if it happened in the pre-season it would have less significance. Now that it's happened in the middle of the season, it seems pretty important. I'm wondering if all the details simply haven't been hammered out yet, so there isn't enough to report until the deal is done. I can't see why the CFL would hide a trade. That seems silly.

It's probably a swap of neg. list players.. and most of the time when neg. list players are traded we don't hear their names anyway.. no big deal

You're probably right about it being a swap of negotiation list players. I would think that if the CFL made a big splash about the trade of two negotiation list players, everyone would be going, "Who?"

Some of us complain that the CFL doesn't get enough media coverage, so we shouldn't get excited when, suddenly, something as banal as negotiation list players is in the news. Anything to keep the CFL story going is a good thing. Which is also why I like Arland Bruce :smiley: But kudos to Naylor for making a story out of this. This is exactly what he should be doing — when there isn't much CFL news, find some.

Couldn't agree more rpaege. A piece like this is excellent I think, enjoyed reading it. We need all the news we can get, heck, while I didn't really like the overall tone of the Mike Toth rant lately, I read it and enjoyed it for what it was.

Eric Tillman revealed the Saskatchewan neg list last year and the sky didn't fall and the Sun came up the next morning. I don't remember any of the names, but I presume some of their signings this year were on it like the latest QB Harrell out of Texas Tech. I'm sure the Saskatchewan fans were able to follow these players progress south of the border last fall if they so desired, and that's the way it should be.
I don't buy all the reasons for secrect society of the CFL and their neg lists.

I think I have to go with DoubleBlue on this. There is no need for all the secrecy. Kudos to Naylor for his work on this!

If Naylor wanted to write an article about this trade, that's fine. However, his tone was beyond ridiculous. cdwood is exactly right, if this trade had been announced, most of us would probably be saying, "Who?" I doubt many would actually care.

So why all the secrecy then? I would say it's the CFL that is acting beyond rediculous!

It's not the CFL that's hiding anything; they're referring all inquiries to the Argonauts. It's the Argos who are basically saying "no comment."

No players dropped off the Argos' active roster or went to Edmonton just prior to Toronto signing Lucas, so it was likely a neg list player, or maybe a draft pick or two, that they traded for his rights. Some teams don't like the public knowing who's on their negotiation list. Toronto apparently wants to keep theirs private, and they have the right to do that. It's not up to the league to disclose information that the team doesn't want released.

This happened prior to the Arland Bruce trade, so we know it wasn't the rights to Corey Mace that the Argos sent west. That's all we know.

Good point!

I suspect that each CFL team knows who is on each other's negotiation list, that would prevent two teams from having the same player on their negotiation lists. But why keep that information from the CFL fans? Do the players on those negotiation lists know which CFL team owns their negotiation rights? If the CFL were really after transparency in the league, heres one area of information that should be made transparent.

Why does the CFL need transparency? It's a league of privately-owned teams, not a government agency or Crown corporation.

The league knows who is on which team's neg list, and they make sure that no one is on the neg list of two teams. Other teams probably have access to that list, so they know whether a guy they're interested in is available or not, and so they'll know who to contact if they want to make a trade.

Players (or their agents) must know whose neg list they're on, because if they decide to come up to the CFL, they need to know which team to contact.

But why do we need to know? What benefit would there be to us having that information? All it would lead to is a thousand threads asking why so-and-so is on a particular team's list, or why they are not making an effort to sign him.

I don't really care if we are told who is on the neg lists or not. It's kind of silly that they don't tell us, but whatever. Not a big deal. It does bother me that Toronto can acquire a player from another teams list, and not have to declare how they got him. They could at least say that they traded the rights to another unnamed player from their neg list - but what's with all the cloak and dagger stuff?

What cloak and dagger stuff. Obviously if a reporter can report it it's not hidden information.

The CFL needing transparency is one of the things that Commissioner Mark Cohon stated when it come out publicly that BC owner David Braley had loaned money to the Toronto owners.

Fans don't have a need to know, but if they did then it would definitely lead to more discussion about the league. I would fully expect that if the negotiation lists were publicly available that there would be threads about why Winnipeg isn't trying to do more to bring in quarterbacks who they may have on their list to see if they're better players than Stefan Lefors.