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Hi there CFL Fans… I know how much everyone is waiting for a CFL game to come out. Well i have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I am working on putting together kind of like a video game for football but can’t use the CFL player names and stuff so once i design the game and all i will fake the names and then somehow without copyrighting anything because of the trademarks fix the rosters. The bad news is that the game is going to be a simulation game. Not sure if you guys have heard of NHL Eastside Hockey manager 2007… Well i have been playing the EHM series since it has came out and I am going to design a cfl game with some ehm 07 ideas and some ideas that u fans like because as a fan of the cfl i find it good that the fans are happy with a product and will enjoy it for yrs to come.

Even though its the CFL i have some ideas for this game that the CFL doesn’t have… For example i know the roster size is only 55 and such and i know they don’t have them but i was thinking of putting farm teams in it because instead of putting players on the practice roster u can send them down so that if they aren’t ready for the CFL and u don’t really want to cut them then u can send them down for development. This is just one of many ideas i have for the game and was wondering what other ideas you CFL fans would like to see in it.

Instead of farm teams, why not sim the CIS? You could have draft picks go back there for a year. Or is that bigger than what you'd had in mind with the farm system?

For that matter, you could also have the CJFL teams in the background...

This, by the way, is exactly the kind of game I like. I much prefer playing General Manager than I do quarterback.

Well i mean for the farm system idea its just, players in real life how they have to sit on the practice roster and who knows when they will play in the season, so then that way they can be sent down to a farm team. Or i can do it so like the NHl has where their farm team signs players and then that kind of thing.

what do u mean by CJFL teams never heard of them what are they?

Another idea that i am going to add is since their is 8 teams theres going to be two slots where, a) if you want u can do your own expansion team if you choose to and then right from there you would go and do the expansion draft.

As well another idea i had is when teams have rookie camps, i am going to put in a feature where your can schedule a tournament with other cfl teams where they would have games with just the rookies at camp.

The CJFL is the Canadian Junior Football League. I believe guys can play there until the age of 22 inclusively, so using them as a farm system doesn't make much sense, in hindsight. I was thinking of a place where you could send players in a farm system and thought that if you're stuck for team location and names, you could use them. It would be more realistic in terms of using real teams, but maybe less if you're actualy sending a 25 year old there. Google them, it might give you a couple of ideas. Same with the QJFL.

I like the open slot idea and might even suggest going to up to twelve teams (Sorry, it's easy for me to suggest stuff when YOU'RE doing the work...).

One game I used to play (NFL sim) would have the league expand every couple of years but it did not extend to having you, as GM of an existing club, have to make the tough decisions as to who to proctect, etc. Realistically, if I'm coaching Montreal and Quebec City is expanded to, I should have to make players available.

Would you try to work in financials, like a salary cap?

Theres alot of stuff to figure out such as cap space and everything and just trying to figure out what kind of stuff this simulation game should have and shouldn't have