CFL helmet designs thru the years...


That is impressive especially the Canadian University teams being in there, actually I'm shocked about that one.

In all honesty, I don’t remember Winnipeg having navy blue helmets from '95-'97.

Then you must've been asleep those years. (joking of course)
They tried the navy helmets when the first changed from royal blue to navy blue, they even had white pants at that time, looked a bit too much like the Argos. I was glad when they went back to the gold helmets and pants.

i do recall that unfortunate time of bomber history

I remeber those back in the olden days but what I don't rember is the time between now and then. Has it really been ten years already.

Awesome Page. Bookmarked!

They should have a schooners helmet in there, sure they never played a down but they did have the helmet.

Didn't the Argos also use the boat between the A and the guy with the sheild? I thought I remeber them going back to that for a season or two.

Is there anything similar to this for the jerseys?

If you like that helmet site (and it is truly good, look at He included the helmet designs for the Schooners, Manatees, the first San Antonio Texans as well as a few helmets that we proposed but never used.
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I think this one might work.