CFL Headsets

One thing that the cfl needs to implement is radio sets inside of the QBs helmets, and also a radio headset installed inside the MLB or SS on defense. This would stop all the teams from stealing signals or any other interference from happening. This was an issue a few years ago when one team was filming ottawa renegades and paopao using hand signals to defense. Its now a big issue in the NFL, since Bill Belechick was caught stealing defensive signals. To prevent anything happening in the future, the CFL should use some of that money they get from the TSN TV contract and install the technology. They Could have 5 Radio sets per team:

-Each of the 3 QBs has a radio installed and can communicate with the offensive coordinator.

-A Linebacker and safety gets a radio set installed and can communicate with the defensive coordinator.

-This Eliminates all the use of hand signals, also players wont have to wear the wristbands anymore with the plays on it, since they get plays called through the headset.

And if the other team uses a scanner to pick up that signal?

how? they cant. plus the coaches could change the call, all they have to do is call a number from a playsheet, and the QB would know which number it is.

Your wish may come true next season. I recently heard on a Vancouver sports cast ( CTV or CBC) that the CFL is exploring placing head sets in the QB's helmet starting next season.

Why cant they?
Plus...If they hear number 5 what ever play they run is play number 5.

if no other nfl team has intercepted the signal, i doubt it would happen in the cfl, plus there are only 8 teams, and a limited amount of headsets would be available, you only setup 4 per team, 3 for the QBs, and one for the MLB.

Ro is very right you can pick up anything if you needed too.

This is the real deterrent. Hit them where it really hurts.

"New England coach Bill Belichick was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 Thursday and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for videotaping an opponent's offensive and defensive signals"

everybody videotapes signals, Belichik just got caught