CFL heads are Ottawa fans. Bush League

The turned down 2.5 million from Gooberman and then give 100 k each to Winnipeg ? What is going on ? Why wouldn’t they have Ottawa playing all their games on the road as an alternative to folding the Renegades. THe CFL Governors are Ottawa fans. Bush League Hypocrites. They did not make an attempt to find a new owner. It was all smoke and mirrors.

find your own owner. come back when you have one.


The mayor and city council in Ottawa just don't want football there, no wonder no local owner can be found. And the people in the Glebe are having a party and celebrating, they don't want football in their backyard.
No owner of any quality and class will ever be found for a team in Ottawa with the way the city is running FCS. It is unfortunate, but seems to be reality.

Earl I guess you read my post about the Glebe, then, because you don't know anything else about Ottawa.

I did live there for a year ORR. And my wife is from near Vanier, in the lower city.

You can blame the CFL all you want, that is fine and your right. And this is fine. But it is more complicated than that, and you know it.

But ORR lets say for instance the league bailled out the team to keep things running, and then only 8000 fans showd up to the games, then what, another year, another bail out. There were a lot of contibuting factors, one being Ottawa City council and their refusal to share concessions or rent with the Renegades.

Why do you think the Lions moved to BC Place, and the Canucks to GM place???? Because both were getting $crewwed by the City of Vancouver and the PNE board of directors. Same scenerio in Ottawa, a new owner no matter how rich he is, would have a god awful deal with the city of Ottawa.

Sporty do not waste the time with him. He can not see past his nose. The problem is very simple a new owner would lose 4 to 6 million the first year and they would be stuck with Gregg and the dolt coach the Glieberboobs hired!. Then the following year what anothe 4 million loss. I guess these Gades fans have been government employees to long, they thing money grows on trees. The league did the right thing. The problem is the league created this problem allowing a team to go back in knowing that making money there would be difficult under the conditions that exist. So really the fault is wide spread! The league for putting this situation in place, finding a dum owner (but thats what you get when this situation exists), City council's reluctance to give a better deal or even sell the stadium, the fans for really not supporting the team ( not including those that did show up).
The major factor is the stadium and concessions deal this is handcuffing any good ownership chances of occuring.

Agreed R&W2005, I guess the League took a gamble by awarding Ottawa the Grey Cup with the hopes it would spring board fan interest in Ottawa, and of course bring the Gliebs in.

I have a question....Whatever happened to Brad Watters? Did he take the money from the Grey Cup and Ran off with the profit?

the fact that we were going to lose 4-6 million shows what is wrong with the league. I may be ignorant, but i do not see how you can lose 6 million if your salary cap is only 2.8 million. I know there are a lot of other expenses, but I would think ticket sales would at least cover the travel, coaches and equipement.

A single grey cup that costs a minumum of $200 to attend is not going to draw new fans that don’t think attending a football game is fun. The only way to get new fans to become fans is to have good marketing and a good product to draw them in.

We haven’t had a chance to build a fan base because we haven’t had team. All I ask is for a couple of winning seasons, if after that we don’t see new fans coming out and the attendance become respectable, then I would definitely agree that we don’t deserve a team. But I don’t think people realize that we were basically starting from scratch here four years ago. There are few fans under the age of 40 because they have never had anything to draw them in. and in the last four years, all of the crap that went on in marketing and ownership definetly did not help.

I must also say a little help from the city would be nice, and I am not sure how the people who moved into the glebe did not notice Frank Clair beforehand…

I think most of the other teams made money last year (except Winnipeg, who'll be healthy this year after a grey cup and an extra $700,000-more travel expenses). So it was just Ottawa who lost this kind of money. I think it had a lot to do with low attendance and cheap tickets. Montreal only gets a little over 20000 per game (except games at the big O) but their prices per ticket are so high that they still make pretty good money. But you can only sell them that high if the demand is there which it is clearly not in Ottawa.

I dont understand what you are getng at SS
What is with the under 40? Ottawa was only out of the league for 5 years followed by 4 years back in. People in thier 20ies are old enough to have followed they before.

Saying you didnt have fans because you didnt have a team is saying that you didnt have fans! A true fan is a fan throught think and thin! Not one that is there only if they win. There are a few teams in the CFL that has not won for years and they fans still support them!

Actually - the Bombers have proudly been turning a profit for the last 4-5 seasons and have completely eliminated their debt - the team is actually in the black!


Really, that's great to hear (read).

I do agree with you, especially about the true fans are fans through thick and thin. But very few true fans just appear. For some reason, I started cheering for them when they kept losing in the 90's, but most people don't. The under 40 is because we have not had a winning team since 1979. That is 27 years ago... Anyone under the age of 40 has never seen a decent team here, has never had the chance to get excited about a team. (okay we made the GC in 1981, but that is just wierd considering our record that year)

I may be out to lunch, but i just don't expect people to become die hard fans until they've had a chance to get excited about a team.

Slimebags that is what the Glebes are. Any person who can't see that are morons.

statik is correct, and we would have gotten there a lot sooner had we not had to help out in TO and Ham...........consider this future considerations ala Jason Maas...........

actually the blue did lose money last year and still do have debt although it should be gone this year. the weather was against us big time last year which hurts walk up sales and the daley show didn't help. i am confident this year will be good financially esp with the grey cup and moving east money. and when we win the cup all the bandwagoners will throw money at the blue in addition to the true fan base that is already there.

Your right BD it is around $700,000 one of the reasons they could not afford to prop up the Gades. The same would be for Regina, propr up will push them into debt.

that is right DB, the bombers did have a deficit last year, but will be free and clear after this year........however, they like to make it sound worse then what it is, they do have the rainy day fund, which never seems to get talked about.........

Well put South_sider...

You are correct in identifying the lack of a solid fan base under 40 years old. The same situation existed in Toronto and, to a lesser extent, Hamilton as the league (or teams) really let the marketing effort lapse through the 1980's. Bad league decisions like the blackout rule and other team specific factors did a lot to alienate the next generation of fans. Luckily, Toronto and Hamilton are picking up momentum again. Ottawa hasn't yet had that chance.