Cfl head office looking into piped in applause

I seems like someone in the cfl front office was asked to look in to the applause sounds that are being piped into BC stadium. I wonder who made the call and what if anything will be done about it.


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Sorry but that is a link to the rule, not to the fact that the league is looking into allegations

In a word...bullsh!t.

We don't need any "extra" noise.


Again...Show me the proof! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Such a statement would not have been made if it wasn't for the Riders phoning in to the cfl's office and for Austin's statement in the Regina leader post today. Think about it these are rider fans trying to get the league looking into the matter. Apparently they did or Black's office wouldn't have issed the statement.

Watch the game. A penalty will be called. The reff's have been informed.

This is interesting I guess...

The statement was made so that the Rider fans wouldn't have something else to whine about after the Riders lose...again.

I hope they do have somebody from the CFL that monitors the soundroom. Maybe for once it'll shut the rider fans up.

Before I clicked on the link, I thought it would take my to Turkey’s post. :lol:

Just George Black trying to answer excessive#'s of whining e-mails , nothing more.

Have a look at for the answer to your question.

All this posturing by the media in Regina is just going to make the Lions fans louder and cause more penalties on the Riders O-Line. Oh well, they'll deserve it.

Never, ever before has anyone ever alleged that BC Place uses canned noise. What a bunch of small town losers in Regina.

...SM, what is it about your personality that forbids you to make a point without be such an ignorant SOB about it?...why all the insults all the time? really is juvenile...

Everyone's gotta have something, Red...

Look say what you want but the media in Regina started this nonsense, it was quoted here on the board. Can they not think of anything else to hype up this game then canned noise?

I think you totally missed the point...say whatever nonsense you wish, but leave the insults out of it...