CFL has too many Tall play... oh wait not my job!

I was going to make a thread complaining about all the Tall Players in the CFL and how they should be playing in the CFL11 league instead of the CFL12 league.. :lol:

but I just realized, I'M not!!! :o

I almost got through it... :oops:

I hope for the sake of his brain that he stops being annoying..

How dare you try to steal his thunder, cflisthebest. Only can make random threads about basically nothing and you can't take that away from him!

175 posts and counting, and all of them trolls…

I think he's bringing us hard hitting topics that we're all just too scared to talk about.


Well atleast we all find out what opinions us CFL posters have on his topics at hand. :expressionless:

Wait, I'm confused. Are we talking about Topics-11 or Topics-12? :oops:

Topics-12, right? I mean, aren't Topics-11 for when CFL-12 isn't playing?

Actually there are too many short guys. They are harder to see from a distance. The CFL should only have tall guys who are fat and slow moving. That would make them easy to follow no matter how far away you are seated. :slight_smile:

short people got no reason...

thats why nik lewis is so good i guess. he is short, kinda chunky, and slow.