CFL Has Replaced Hockey AS Our Bad Blood Sport

Used to be when the Sens played the Leafs, or the Habs played Quebec, or Edmonton played the Flames, you knew there'd be bad blood between the teams. And the joint would be rocking in anticipation.

Nowadays with the new pansie NHL, and CHL, the games are lovefests. Agression is out the window. The crowd has been taken out of the game. Its basically boring.

Hearing the fans at Ivor Wynne at the kickoff yelling and screaming before the big game tonight got me pumped up the way I did before a big Leafs game. Even better, you knew there'd be big hits and aggression on the field and from the fans.

Canadian football has taken over as our new blood sport. You can watch and know there'll be banging and crashing and bad blood. Thats why we grew up loving hockey. These days until we get rid of Bettman its the CFL we turn to get our dose of agressive sports action

Wow just wow. shakes head

Once again agreed.

Since this is a CFL board though I won't ramble on and on about the flaws with today's NHL like I did with MLS.

What I like about football is the "bad blood" that is disciplined, no "pretend I'm tough so I'll drop the gloves and have a so-called fight". Do hockey players realize that hissy-fit fights just look stupid, problem is there are a lot of fans who like it, especially in the States.

I completely disagree with your post, however. Most hockey purists (including myself) enjoy fights, it's part of the game. It's like how baseball purists enjoy traditional baseball values.

Hockey purist or not geroy, and I played the game from as a tyke up to high school and mens leagues, the fact is the NHL is actually teaching, yes teaching, that if you have a disagreement with someone it's ok, and you only get 5 minutes, to drop your gloves and duke it out. Now what does that teach kids about learning to operate in the workplace when you don't like someone? Where I work, if you did that you'd most likely be fired like most workplaces. I don't get it.

I can see it now, I have a disagreement with my fellow co-worker, a female, and I push her. I'd be out the door in a second flat. All pro sports, all sports actually, I think have a responsibility to be teaching life skills. The NHL and any league that allows for fighting is defaulting on this responsibility IMHO.