CFL has launched version 2.0.

It's here, CFL V2.0, LCF V2.0, Stampeders 2.0, and Tiger-Cats 2.0.
These CFL Network sites will allow us to bring to the fans of CFL football, the best in new technology, design, and features, both now and in the future. We really hope you like the next CFL.CA versions.

But we would still like your help as great CFL fans. There will be some things you like, and some you might not. Tell us how we can improve the sites, any suggestions, recommendations, and new ideas, please send them our way.

And thanks to you, the fans.

For it was your ideas and suggestions over the past year that helped us with the new sites.

The only thing I would like to see is a divider of sorts between the announcements, stickies and regular threads. There also seems to be a problem with accents in the French forum.

Very nice job ... CM ... I presume C-Mach

Well, is certainly a cleaner, easier-loading site.

Guess, it'll be task of getting used to new formats and adjsuting.

The homepage looks great.....can't say I'm so fussy about the font on the forums, though.....too small, and scrolling is a pain if you increase the text size on your own computer.....I see some serious eyestrain in my future.....

Now if you can remove non-CFL talk (ie: NHL stuff) from CFL forum

I have absolutely no problem with off-topic stuff, providing there is an off-topic section on the forums.

I like everything except for the font on the threads.

Oh, I agree with that.

So what happened to all threads and posts from Are they lost in Twilight Zone or just gone?

This is awesome. I can get used to the font.

Yay! Three cheers for a bigger font!! Hip hip… :lol:

Wwell? Did you give up after half a cheer?

.....waiting for esks123 to join in..... :lol:

wow that was a quick font change...

Time seems to be seven hours behind.

I'm also still trying to figure out how to add info to my profile

Odd - the time on mine is still correct.....

On main page and forum posts it says 4:45. It is 11:40 pm

Didn't see anything relevant in FAQ section that's applicable here.


not a fan of the 'cfl network' logo on the main page.....stick to the 'real' CFL logo, then say network after it...currently it looks like a imitation cfl logo.

Looks ok to me...the last time there was a change it took me about a year to get back on so technology is improving.