CFL Halloween Jerseys

Check it out, some of them are kinda neat... (like cool enough for t-shirt sales anyway...)

Bombers and Arholes and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe alouettes could actually be decent as game jerseys.

Take a look... would you put down $$ for any of these?

I, quite often, stand alone in this forum with my thoughts :-\and that will likely continue here when I say that, minus the sabre teeth, I wouldn't mind something like the TiCats "costume" as a third jersey for the club. And, I really get a kick out of the one for the RedBlacks. It brings to mind some old unis, in arena football, that I consider maybe the most creative, ever, in depicting a team name, with pilot goggles on the helmets, wings on the jerseys and propellers to stripe the pants -- there's a picture included here:

The Redblacks need to take notes from the CFL on this one - the fact that isn't an alternate uniform makes me sad. If they became a reality as an alternate for 2018 they'd sell out in record time.