CFL HALL OF FAME Staying downtown?

Visit the Canadian Football Hall of Fame to get your amateur fix ... pay special attention to the Windsor AKO Fratmen display ... boring as sh*t ... embarassing recognition of the professional game that everyone on this forum follows.

Not true at all.

Both are "tourist" attractions...the operative word is "tourist"

For example, what does the "Maid of the Mist" in Niagara Falls have to do with Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum or Marineland.....nothing really, except that tourists generally want to see it all when they are in the "tourist mode"........or the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory.......there's a reason it's where it is even though it has no real natural connection to it's neighbouring attractions.....a butterfly exhibit stands on it's own and survives by poaching customers of other Niagara Falls's the very foundation of a tourist oriented attraction feeds off the other......we see that everywhere

In reality, visitors to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will invariably want to see the Canadian Football Hall of Fame as part of the same "swoop" if I may put it that way....."killing two birds with one stone" is a cruder way to put's human nature!

Cross - Promotion aimed at tourists is also an invaluable's hardly rocket science

The CF HoF should be at a CFL Stadium.
Just as the Warplane museum should be at the airport.
It only stands to reason that football enthusiasts would want to attend the football hall of fame.
A game day experience, hall of fame,tail gate, then go to the game, restaurant or pub after, then home.
If the Hall of Fame is to be sucessful it must be incorporated into a Stadium or very nearby.
If not our Stadium then another City.
It will not survive with an average of 4 patrons per day in its present location!
The league should be helping to bail this institution out.

* Learned this week the Canadian Football Hall of Fame averages only four people per day through its turnstiles. I bet the Royal Saskatchewan Museum at Albert and College gets more! We need to get the word out for the CFHOF. Executive Director Mark DeNobile was on the Sports Cage last night.