CFL HALL OF FAME Staying downtown?

Sorry to rehash this topic but I thought I should highlight this subject in its own post. Why is the City of Hamilton , The CFL and Bob young and all us fans doing nothing about this . Why not get a new Hall built at our new stadium and show case this museum so that it can have much more exposure then having it downtown where it is underused and not in the spotlight. I am very surprised that the CFL has not moved it out west yet? We are all dropping the ball on this one .In My opinion it should be part of the new facility being built WHAT A SHAME at this lost opportunity . :roll: :thdn:

I'm assuming that if such a move was in the plans we would have already heard about it. To me, silence on this issue means it's staying where it least for the time being.

The idea however does have merit but, presumably, no dollars to support it.

What about Ottawa? I’ve mentioned this before, I think that the HOF should re-locate in one of the historic buildings at Lansdowne Park. Ottawa is the Nations Capital and home to many National Museums and many tourists. It would get the prominence it needs and deserves. The HOF game, awards and dinner was always held in Hamilton, the CFL realized that it is a national event and should be moved around to different CFL cities.
No disrespect to Hamilton but it’s time to move it out of Hamilton and give it a wider audience. Hamilton has had it for 50 years or so, time to move on and let a wider audience see the HOF.

How about West Harbour/downtown?

Peter Mercanti, owner of Carmen’s suggested [b][i][u]the structure could eventually be the future home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame[/u][/i][/b], and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. He suggested the project could be underway within five years.
[url=] ... r-hamilton[/url]
It's being proposed in the West Harbour/Downtown location.
[url=] ... ost5769590[/url]

The project would include 1,000 parking spots.

I have to apologize. I read the words "West Harbour" and did a huge mental sigh (all around me heard it). :lol:

After reading the stories I am very excited. This reminds me of the "Ambitious City" moniker that we used to have, especially when Vic Copps was mayor. He, by the way, mortgaged his own family home in order to get the downpayment needed for the current HOF. I believe his plan was to shame the aldermen and Board of Control into funding the present structure. His plan, as all can see, worked. I hope that Carmen's plan has the same success.

(We really need more politicians like VC, (rip))


..... It is absolute insanity that the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame isn't located right beside the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum up at the Hamilton Airport......which, by the way, attracts thousands upon thousands of unique visitors per year from all across Canada and the U.S.A.

.....but what do I know eh ?.....carry on carrying on I suppose :?

Why do you think it is crazy? I don't see any real advantage to having them located near each other. Just because people go to one doesn't mean they will go to the other.

I don't see any real advantage to having them located near each other. Just because people go to one doesn't mean they will go to the other.
I beg to differ. All you have to do is think of all the "big box store" complexes to see why this type of cross marketing strategy works [u]every time[/u]......bring the crowds with entertainment dollars to one precinct and you can't help but be sucessful.

Shopping malls learned that 30-40 years ago, The Centre Mall, 50 years ago in fact.

How about "farmers markets" ? Same strategy, no ?

The Canadian Football Hall Of Fame and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum would be the ideal fit with each other.....100 %

West Harbour for any such type museum including the Hall of Fame is a great idea. Especially with a theatre in it like now but maybe larger and with one end open air for a concert or two, the ability to be open air that is, closed at most times of course. That would be awesome! :thup: And totally fit in with how I ended up viewing the West Harbour after all the stadium discussion, a place for anything but a stadium near it to ruin the peaceful ambiance it has and should have well into the future.

You haven’t really answered anything. You said they’d be an ideal fit, but offer no reason why you think that. Also, you use malls and famers markets as your examples of cross marketing, but going to a mall is not the same as going to museum. But for the sake of argument, let’s say they are the same. There is a Micheals craft store beside the Best Buy I shop at. I have never, not once, stepped into the Michaels store. I have no need to. It doesn’t matter that it is next to Best Buy, it is simply not a store I want to shop at. Same with the pet store and the sports store and the Home Depot. I want to by Blu-rays, so I go to Best Buy. Just because the abilty to go to multiple places exists, doesn’t mean you will.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is located not five minutes from the Art Gallery of Hamilton, yet neither of those places are thriving or see a spike in attendance simply by being near one another. I’ve been to the Hall and never been to the Gallery (and I have family that work there). Why? Because I don’t care about art. It’s cool and all, but I don’t want to spend an afternoon looking at it. I like football, so I go to the Hall of Fame. It would be no different if they relocated the Hall next to the Warplane museum. Just because they are next to each other doesn’t mean I’d go to both. I don’t have any interest in going to the Warplane museum, and putting the Hall near it would not change that. I would just go to the Hall and then go home, same as I do now. You’re not going to entice people to go to a place they simply do not care about just because it happens to be next to a place they do.

You say that “you can’t help but be successful” if you build an entertainment district, but where is your proof to back-up that statement? What cities have done this and been successful? What data do you have to support your claim?

It is obvious by your signature that you have a stake in this, but I think you’re letting your bias towards the Warplane museum blind you to the fact that putting them near one another likely doesn’t change much, if anything, in regards to attendance. People who want to go to the Warplane museum will go to the Warplane museum; people who want to go to the Hall of Fame will go to the Hall of Fame. Putting them next to one another will not attract those that don’t care about the other to go to the one they don’t care about.

Actually an excellent discussion, no clear cut winner in this discussion. Yes, there is the “Miracle Mile” concept but then you are talking car dealerships (or restaurants etc), same type of product, one after another on a strip which does make it convenient for car shoppers. But a warplane museum and football hall of fame are different and not nearly as much crossover interest I believe. Of course you could have one set price for the admission to both and synergize both ie. in the football hall of fame you could show the planes that transported the first Grey Cup teams across Canada sort of thing that used a plane compared with the railroad.

Personally I think you put the CFHoF where it best be put, and that really is in or next to or very near the new stadium but WH would be neat as I say.

People who choose to go to a museum usually spend a few hours in it. Having done that myself on many occasions, I think it's unlikely someone would go straight from one museum to another next door -- too fatiguing.

The current location of the Hall of Fame is lousy, and the Hall itself desperately needs a massive infusion of capital to expand its collection and its displays. The new stadium would be a good location if it could be arranged, but I suspect there won't be sufficient space for it. And until some funding source is found, it won't matter. The Hall is a mere shell of what it could be because there is no money to upgrade it.

Is the museum big enough to spend a few hours at? I don't know, I have actually never gone.

In college a couple years ago, someone did a marketing presentation on the HoF, and they didn't have great things to say. They said it is run down? If that's the case maybe they should move it our of Hamilton, as obviously Hamilton doesn't support it.

That being said,is there no way to move it to the stadium when its built? Especially if it's not so big. I and many others would likely go at least once if it was actually there. I bet a lot of people have no idea it is downtown. At least this way there is one tiny reason to go before or stick around after a game.

Maybe all the teams could contribute a small percentage of television revenues towards upgrading it or putting it at the new stadium, or in another city? Regina would be an excellent spot as it is commonly regarded as the football capital of Canada.

Seems people think there is an endless amount of money for this new stadium you are getting .. with comments like you should add this have that out houses .. expand it to king street ...and move the HOF there.

I think with the very limited budget going into the stadium i'd rather all resources go into the stadium itself instead of the stuff outside the stadium ..but that's just me

I was at the HOF once in all the years i lived in Hamilton and 1 trip was good enough for what it was i am sure if i walked in there today it would be pretty much the same as 10 years ago .

It is in a very weird spot kind of tucked in beside the city hall and it should be moved to a more visible location but the bottom line is money .. it will take money to move and money to fund it to make it a destination and something people want to see.
it's interesting to see but you really need to be a football junkie to make return trips

It would be interesting to see what the actual attendance is at the HOF. I've never noticed any activity of people coming and going and on the day i was there with 3 other people we seemed to be the only ones there at the time

Perhaps the HOF would fare better out west where there seems (and i say seems because i do not know for sure) but it seems they have a bigger passion for football

Locating the Canadian Football Hall of Fame at Carmen's planned hotel, especially

if is built on the Sir John A. Mc Donald Secondary School site is a really good idea

going on the premise that a large percentage of the hoped for visitors would be sports fans,
those going to the 40 + hockey games at Copps Coliseum could walk across the street to it.

Regardless of where Carmen's hotel is downtown, in the near future we will have a lot more tourists
staying downtown at the many hotels we'll soon have there in the tourist season and the whole year.

The CFL HOF would require a large temperature controlled building and storage which the existing building does not have.
I am sure the HOF will be moving to one of the 3 new Stadiums being built.

This is from when the Aberdeen site was proposed ... story.html

“We have all this stuff and we’re literally running out of space,? he added. “Some of the issues we have as a museum are we have to have certain room climate control, dust control. Right now we don’t, so we’re doing the best we can, not to disturb things. But we’re also cataloguing more onto the computer so that we know what we have, so with our partners, we’ll know where we’re heading.?

What the CFHOF has are virtual gems of material yet to be seen. Newspaper articles that date back to 1900, old media guides and reels upon reels of game film are all stored, awaiting a new home. Even the 1957 personal contract of DeNobile’s father, Geno, is included in the boxes of material.

“Look at the old pads and we have tons of pictures that we’re still sorting. We’ve got tons of equipment, from socks to underwear (the old one-piece bibs),? said DeNobile.

Currently the Hall occupies roughly 10,000 square feet of space in the museum. It’s now a case of finding out how much room they need if new space were made available.

“It’s not going to be a grandiose NFL-type set up. It’s going to be a good-for-the-CFL setup and our setup. We have to share space and we look forward to those discussions,? said DeNobile of working out a deal with the Tiger-Cats. “The hall itself is now 10,000 square feet of usable space; estimates are a requirement for upwards of double that and at least 5,000 of it would be for storage.?

DeNobile would also like to include room for a media research area and, most importantly, wants to see the final product become much more interactive.[/b]

Have any of you been to the CFL Hall of Fame lately? ... I was there 2 weeks ago and was embarassed by the lack of displays and creativity ... far too much emphasis on amateur football with nothing to draw me back from a CFL standpoint.

The place needs a facelift internally ... then we can deal with location.

That's because it's not the CFL hall of fame. It's the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

I don't think there's enough attention and respect given to amateur Canadian football. Good to know that the CFHoF is bucking the trend.

Exactly PiCat. It would be nice if there was a pro and amateur Canadian HoF but I suppose with history of how football has developed in Canada, at times it’s very difficult to separate the two.