CFl Grey Cup Simulation

For all those algorithm fans out there the CFL Grey Cup simulation is back.

I like the odds of us getting into the Championship,
IMHO, It will be vrs CGY in CGY. :o

That’s all we need is to have 2013 GC all over again - except this time with Stamps in Calgary. ? Those of us that attended that GC, it was only a positive experience from the perspective that we had been a crappy team/franchise for 14 years - and getting the crap beat us in -35 degree weather was a heck of a lot better than those 1-17; 3-15 etc type seasons.

Now this can also be a great thing and a repeat of 1986; when we had not beat Esks in 5-6 years; this time beating the BLM lead Stamps in the championship game.

Unless Calgary makes it to first in the west they will have to beat both Winnipeg and Sask in the playoffs. Will be a tough task against those two defenses.
Edmonton will most likely be the crossover so we may end up facing Harris again in the playoffs.
I like the odds of making the playoffs >99.99%
2 wins by us or 2 losses by Ott and we are at 100%
Mind you Ott has an easy schedule to the end. 3 vs TO, 2 Vs BC and one each vs Ed, Mon and us. But they can’t avoid 2 more losses the way they’ve played so far.

Can we make those logos permanent? Asking for 'pope.

That’s true.